NBA 2K18 Unlock AJ 32 Shoes

Before you make it to the NBA in NBA 2K18‘s MyCAREER, you have to playthrough the Jordan Proving Grounds. Here you square off against the best of the streetball best. Before stepping onto the pavement, you can unlock a pair of AJ 32 shoes. Here is how to unlock AJ 32 shoes.

Unlock AJ 32 Shoes

After creating your character archetype, you will meet ATM. ATM talks to you about balling and other stuff. Once done talking with ATM, turnaround and head over to all the shoes lined up. Look for the pair on the far end to receive a prompt asking to take a selfie with the AJ 32’s. Doing this unlocks the shoes for your character. Once unlocked, the sneakers can be found inside your closet in you MyCOURT.

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