Mysteriouslier Murder on Eschaton Guide – Borderlands 3

In the Director’s Cut of Borderlands 3 there is a special set of side missions for players to complete. These side mission involve solving various murders for Ava. To complete this set of side missions you need to go to a veriaety of locations across Borderlands 3 where murders have happened. The first investigation is called Mysteriouslier Murder on Eschaton. To complete the investigation use our Mysteriouslier Murder on Eschaton guide below.

Where to Start Mysteriouslier Murder on Eschaton

The first investigation mission for Ava is located on Sanctuary in Ava’s room. Approach the microphone and interact with it. This will trigger a conversation with Ava. After this conversation make your way to the planet of Promethea and the Meridian Metroplex zone. In this zone head to the Eschaton Row entrance in the northwest corner of the map. In Eschaton Row head forward and meet Lorelei to star the investigation.

Investigate the Crime Scene

Image showing the first crime scene in the Ava Borderlands 3 quest.

Outside of the Astra Apartments you will encounter Lorelei. Speak to her then follow her inside to reach the crime scene in apartment 13. Inside the scene of the crime you need to complete two objectives:

  • Examine Body: The body is located in the middle of the room leaning against a chair. Interact with the body to complete this objective.
  • Find Clues: There are three clues to interact with in the room.
    1. Security system on wall next to apartment entrance.
    2. Dinner on island in kitchen.
    3. Computer in bedroom.

Once you’ve found the three clues listed above speak to Lorelei in the bedroom. Behind Lorelei there is a broken window you can jump through. Go through the window to reach the alleyway below.

Speak to Witnesses and Follow the Trail

Go forward in the alleyway to reach the first witness that is marked on your map. Speak to this witness to learn what she saw this evening. After talking to Witness 1 head deeper into the alleyway to the next witness. Speak to this witness as well. This second witness will spill the details on what happened. This triggers a new trail to follow. Follow the trail down the alleyway to reach a broken fence with a backpack on it. Grab the backpack and give it to Lorelei when prompted.

Track Down the Killer

Now that we’ve gotten the evidence needed to determine who the killer is, it is time to bring them to justice. To do this go through the get in the fence where you found the backpack. Continue forward through the slums and Athenastown until you reach the subway. In the subway you will encounter the killer who gets hit by a train. The Vault Hunter will speak to Lorelei and Ava. After this conversation the mission ends. Check out our guide for the next mission, Mysteriouslier The Vanishing of Hizzen Mays.

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