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The second mystery mission players need to complete for Ava in Borderlands 3 is called Mysteriouslier The Vanishing of Hizzen Mays. This side mission tasks players with figuring out what happened to a missing girl on Eden-6. To help complete this mission use our Mysteriouslier The Vanishing of Hizzen Mays guide below.

Where to Start Mysteriouslier The Vanishing of Hizzen Mays

Like the previous side mission you can pick this mission up in Ava’s room on Sanctuary. Head into her room and interact with the microphone to trigger the mission information screen. Accept the mission then head to Eden-6’s Voracious Canopy. In this zone head to the Enoch’s Grove entrance and enter the zone. In Enoch’s Grove walk forward and speak to Clay to receive an ECHO that starts the investigation.

Clear the Path and Go to Cabin

Once you’ve listened to the ECHO you will need to follow Clay. Clay heads deeper into Enoch’s Grove along a path. This path is blocked making it hard to continue along. You need to clear the debris on the path. To clear the path approach the roots and melee them. This will make the way clear. Head through the swamps and defeat all the enemies that appear. At the end of the swamp melee the roots on your path again. Continue forward to the Hizzen cabin.

How to Get into the Hizzen Cabin

Image showing how to get into the Hizzen's Cabin in Borderlands 3.

When you try to enter the front door of the Hizzen’s Cabin you will find it is barricaded shut. This means you need to find an alternative way of getting inside. Turn to the left of the entrance and walk along the deck so you reach a boat suspended above you. Jump up to the boat. Follow the path across the rooftops to reach the hole in the cabin that is barred up. Shoot the wood on the hole then drop inside. Remove the bar from the door and let Clay in.

Investigate the 3 Clues in the Cabin

In the cabin you need to search for three clues. These three clues help to piece together what happened to Hizzen Mays. The three clues you need to find are:

  • Bloodstain on bed in bedroom.
  • Open door in back of house.
  • Secret basement safe room behind secret bookshelf (near back door).

Once you’ve found all of the clues listed above speak to Clay. Clay will give you a second ECHO to listen to. Take the ECHO and listen to it. Go through the door in the back of the cabin. It’s time to rescue Hizzen.

Rescue Hizzen

Follow the path behind the cabin that leads to the first swamp area. Clear the enemies here and continue forward. Clear the jabbers in the second swamp area and melee the blockage on the path. Head forward to the campsite and grab the ECHO next to the fire. Listen to the ECHO then follow the path forward through the old church and graveyard. Head into the cabin at the end and examine the corpse. Pick up the keys when prompted then head back to the Hizzen’s Cabin and open the safe room in the basement. Grab the ECHO in the saferoom and listen to it then speak to Clay to end the mission.

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