My Restaurant Superhero Customer

Superhero customer eating in My Restaurant.

The Superhero update for My Restaurant added a new NPC to the game called the Superhero. This new NPC can randomly visit your restaurant to have a meal. Getting the Superhero to visit can be a very lucrative way to make money as, like other NPC visitors, they will leave higher tips and buy more stuff. To learn more about this NPC and how to get them to visit your restaurant, see our My Restaurant Superhero customer guide below.

How to Get the Superhero Customer to Visit Your Restaurant

Superhero items for sale in the event area of My Restaurant.
There are four Superhero items for sale.

There is a slim chance that the Superhero will visit your restaurant regardless of what you do. This applies to everyone playing the game. With that said there is a way to increase the chance of a Superhero coming to visit by purchasing special Superhero themed items that are available while the Superhero event is live. Simply go to the middle event area and you will find them for sale. The Superhero items for purchase are:

Superhero Chair$1,250,000Has a 10% chance to attract a Superhero! Increases to 20% when combined with a Superhero Table.
Superhero Table$1,450,000Has a 5% chance to attract a Superhero! Increases to 20% when combined with a Superhero Chair.
Telephone Booth$225,000Increases the chances that a Superhero will visit your restaurant! Stacks!
Alter Ego Display Case800 R$Has a chance to make a Superhero pay x2! Stacks up to 50% chance.

If you want to have the Superhero NPC visiting your restaurant more often you will want to focus on purchasing the items mentioned above. These items will improve your chances of getting the NPC to visit your restaurant, making them more likely to appear. Keep in mind that items do stack giving you additional bonuses.

Spending money on the Superhero items may not interest you, but there is now a new Trading system players can use to get items. This system can be used in the server you are in by pushing the Trade button. You can also visit the Trade Plaza to trade with others looking to move various items around. If you have other event items this can be a good way to acquire the Superhero items without spending cash.

What Does the Superhero Customer Do

Like other NPCs in the game, the Superhero comes to your restaurant to get a bite to eat. When he arrives he will sit and order the most expensive dish on the menu. The Superhero, like other high-value customers, pays an additional 25x times amount for the food that he purchases. He also moves with more speed than other customers, including the Lifeguards. This means you can make some serious money off of this type of customer if you really focus in on making your restaurant cater to getting Superheroes to appear.

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