How to Get the Princess in My Restaurant

The new Princess Update for the Roblox experience My Restaurant is out now. This new update introduces a new special restaurant visitor called the Princess. Like other special visitors in the game the Princess pays more, making here a valuable customer to pursue. To learn how to get the Princess in My Restaurant, see our guide below.

Find the Lost Glass Slipper

The first thing you should do when you start the update is make your way to the new castle event area in the center of the map. In this area speak to the Princess there. She has lost her Glass Slipper and asks that you find it for her. Go out and find the Glass Slipper hidden somewhere on the map. Return to the Princess and give to her. She will visit your restaurant as a reward.

Buy and Place the Princess Items

Completing the Glass Slipper quest is one way of getting the Princess to appear, another way is to purchase the Princess themed items. There are three items in particular you will want to buy if you want the NPC to appear in your restaurant more often. The items are the Princess Chair (46k), the Princess Crown (45k), and the Princess Table (58k). All three items are located in the castle event area. When they Princess items are placed in your restaurant they increase the chance of a Princess coming to visit.

That’s all you need to know to get the Princess to come visit your restaurant. Having the Princess visit can be very lucrative as she gives a fairly large tip when she is done eating. This means you can make decent money from her as a guest.

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