My Restaurant Glass Slipper Guide

My Restaurant Princess.

The Roblox experience My Restaurant received a new update today called the Princess update. This new is themed around the arrival of a new character, the Princess. While you are exploring the new items and new area in the game, there is a side quest you can complete. Find the My Restaurant Glass Slipper item in our guide below.

Speak to the Princess in the Castle

Leave your restaurant and make your way into the new event castle in the center of the map. Inside of the castle speak to the Princess who is wandering around. When you do this she mentions that she has lost her favorite Glass Slipper somewhere and would like you to find them for her.

Where to Find the Glass Slipper

My Restaurant Glass Slipper.
The Glass Slipper can be seen here.

The Glass Slipper spawns in random locations around the castle event area. You will want to look for it among the flower beds and in the treed areas. It is a blue crystal slipper, so it is fairly noticeable when you do encounter it. The screenshot above shows what it looks like. When you do find it simply approach and interact with it to pick it up.

Once you’ve picked up the Glass Slipper head back to the castle and give it to the Princess. She will thank you for finding the slipper and will mention how hungry she is. The Princess will then visit your Restaurant for a meal. Like other special guests she pays more money.

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