Luigi’s Mansion 3: Sucked Up All Merchandise in the Hotel Shops

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Make your way to floor four to complete this achievement that involves sucking up merchandise in the Hotel Shops. To help you get this achievement for yourself, use the Sucked up all merchandise in the Hotel Shops guide below.

Where to Find Hotel Shops?

The Hotel Shops can be found on Floor 3 of the Last Resort hotel. On this floor you want to make your way to the Mall Lobby. Inside the Mall Lobby there are five shops: Boutique, Barber Shop, Gift Shop, Coffee Shop (accessible through back left corner of Gift Shop), and Accessories.

How to Suck Up All Merchandise in the Hotel Shops?

To get this achievement you essentially need to suck up everything in each shop that isn’t bolted down. Be sure to get the towels and things in the Barbershop that are on top of the cabinet (can do this by dropping Gooigi through the grate on the floor above which is accessible through the locked gate on left side of second level by escalators). Once you’ve pillaged all the available merchandise the achievement will pop.

The Sucked Up All Merchandise in the Hotel Shops achievement is one of many floor specific achievements to complete in Luigi’s Mansion 3. To see more of these types of achievements, check out our list here.

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3 responses

  1. Sparkit5 says:

    Do the scissors count in the barber shop?

  2. NanoMan2000 says:

    I have tried a total of 4 times trying to get this achievement. Nothing works. I’m not entirely sure this is possible in my version? Do I need to Dark-Light anything? I’m currently in the postgame, and the shops have all counted toward the achievement except the coffee shop. What now?

    • PlumpPizza says:

      I just got this achievement myself and the two things at the coffie shop were:
      1: this mini table looking think that you have to suck for a while to actually break it
      2: the food inside the fridge is only suckable if you shoot the suction cup at the inside of the open door and pull it

      Hope this helps! ^_^

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