Luigi’s Mansion 3 Prologue Guide

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When you start the Story Mode of Luigi’s Mansion 3, Mario, Peach, and Luigi will take a short bus ride to The Last Resort. After this bus ride you will officially start the prologue of the game. To help you get through this opening section, use the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Prologue guide below.

The Last Resort Lobby

Image showing The Last Resort Lobby.

Inside the Lobby you will take control of Luigi. Walk around the Lobby area and interact with Mario, Princess Peach, Toad, and the various members of staff if you wish to learn some lore. When ready to continue approach the front desk and speak to the Steward. Select Yes to Check in.

Upon checking in a mysterious figure will appear on the staircase above. This mysterious figure is Hellen Gravely, the owner of the hotel. Hellen will show you and the gang to your rooms via the elevator. After leaving the elevator everyone will enter their appointed rooms.

Luigi’s Room (503)

Image showing Luigi's Room in The Last Resort.

In Luigi’s Room you will take control of Luigi. You can walk around the room and interact with various pieces of furniture to scare Luigi. You can also enter the bathroom to the left to reach some more interact-able items including being able to pet Polterpup. When you are ready to continue the story, interact with Luigi’s luggage on the bed in the bedroom to rest.

During the night Luigi will walk to a scream. Everything in the room is now much scarier. A fog envelopes the floor and other more nefarious decorations now fill the room. Once you regain control of Luigi make your way out of the room into the hallway to trigger a cutscene.


Image showing the Hallway in The Last Resort.

Out in the Hallway you will see the environment change before your eyes. The nice facade is now replaced with a creepy Hallway. In the Hallway head to the right and go inside Room 502 (Mario’s Room) if you wish. Continue to the right to reach Room

Optional: Mario’s Room (502)

Image showing Mario's Room in The Last Resort.

Inside Mario’s Room you can wander around interacting with various items. This room is similar to Luigi’s Room, but it is without Mario. That can’t be good.

Princess Peach’s Room (501)

Image showing Princess Peach's Room in The Last Resort.

The last room you can enter before the Elevator is Room 501. This room is where Princess Peach resides. Enter the room. Interact with the various items in this room and then leave it.

Hallway Again

Image showing Luigi escaping into the Laundry Chute.

Back in the Hallway you will trigger a short cutscene that shows the Elevator arriving. Make your way towards the Elevator to trigger a cutscene with Hellen. Hellen is working for King Boo. King Boo is seeking vengeance for the damage you’ve caused over the years. King Boo has trapped everyone in frames so you will need to help free them.

After the brief exposition dump you will take control of Luigi. Run away from King Boo to the left down the hallway. As you run you will notice the doors to the rooms disappear. Run all the way to the left until your reach the laundry chute. Interact with it to escape into the Laundry Room.

This ends the game’s Prologue. After the escape you will see the title screen and the game will officially start. Check out the next section of the story with our guide here.

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