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As you playthrough Luigi’s Mansion 3 you will encounter a number of bosses to fight. These bosses are a collection of strange ghosts that must be defeated using various approaches. To help you take out these bosses, consult our Luigi’s Mansion 3 boss list below.

Note: This list is currently updating.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Bosses

Bosses in Luigi’s Mansion 3 can be found throughout the various locales of the haunted hotel. What makes bosses different from normal ghosts is the approach you need to take to fight them. Each boss in the game can be found below. If you are confused as to when, or where you fight a boss consult our main guide thread here.


Location: Underground Garage.

The Steward is the first special ghost you will faceoff against in Luigi’s Mansion 3. This special ghost is located in the Underground Garage. When you defeat this ghost it drops the Elevator Buttons for Floor 1 & 5.


Location: Floor 5, Room 508

After you rescue E.Gadd he will send you up to Floor 5. On this floor you are looking for E.Gadd’s suitcase. This suitcase can be found in Room 508. Unfortunately the briefcase is stolen by a Chambrea, a maid ghost. To defeat this ghost you need to use a combination of Strobulb, Plunger Shot and then vacuum to deal damage. Once Chambrea is defeated you get the suitcase and Elevator Button 3.


Image showing the Kruller boss fight.

Location: Floor 3, Security Office.

You will find the Kruller Ghost patrolling the Mall area of Floor 3. This boss gets scared and drops a key for you. Once you’ve found the key to the Security Office you will come face to face with this boss. To fight this boss you will rely on Gooigi. Defeating Kruller earns you the Elevator Button 2.

Chef Soulffle

Image showing the boss Chef Soulffle

Location: Floor 2, Kitchen

Chef Soulffle is the boss you will fight in the Kitchen of floor 2. When you enter the Kitchen there is a ton of smoke. Use Luigi and Gooigi to suck the smoke out of the air to start the boss fight. During the fight you need to shoot items at Chef to make him drop his pan. Once you do this you can deal damage to him. Chef Soulflle drops the Elevator Button 4.

Amadeus Wolfgeist

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Location: Floor 4, Auditorium.

In the Auditorium on Floor 4 you will encounter the boss named Amadeus Wolfgeist. This boss fight is a little different than previous fights since you need to complete a few waves to get to dealing damage to the boss. Upon beating Amadeus Wolfgeist you will receive the Elevator Button 6.

King MacFright

Image showing the King MacFright boss.

Location: Floor 6, Coliseum.

At the end of the Floor 6, Castle MacFright level you will encounter King MacFright. This boss fight takes place in a large Coliseum where ghosts watch the fight. To defeat King MacFright you need to compelte two rounds of the battle. Upon defeat King MacFright drops the Elevator Button 7.

Dr. Potter

Image showing Dr. Potter

Location: Floor 7, Atrium.

On Floor 7 you chase around the boss called Dr. Potter. At the end of the floor you end up at the bottom of the Atrium. Here you will fight Dr. Potter. Defeating Dr. Potter earns you the Elevator Button 8.

Morty (Director Ghost)

Image showing the Morty boss ghost.

Location: Floor 8, Editing Room.

Morty is not a traditional boss as you don’t fight him. Instead you will complete Paranormal Productions and he will go to the Editing Room. Here you can capture him for an achievement or let him live to see the movie he’s created later in your play through. Note that letting him live allows you to capture him later anyways.


Image showing the boss Ug.

Location: Floor 9, Exhibit Hall.

Inside the Exhibit Hall of the Unnatural Museum you will run into a reanimated T-Rex. This T-Rex is being controlled by a ghost called Ug. Taking out Ug allows you to free a Toad from the painting it is trapped inside.


Image showing Serpci.

Location: Floor 10, Sandy Grand Hall.

Serpci is the boss you will fight on floor ten in the Sandy Grand Hall. When you leave the pyramid you will fight this boss. Upon defeat Serpci drops the Elevator Button 11.

Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny

Image showing How to Defeat Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny.

Location: Floor 11, Stage.

Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny are a trio of ghosts you will fight on floor eleven. This boss fight takes place on the Stage. During the fight you need to properly guess the hats the ghosts are under in order to deal damage to them. Upon defeat they drop the Elevator Button 12.

Captain Fishook

Image showing the Captain Fishook boss.

Location: Floor 12, Ship on Beach.

When you enter the ship that arrives at the dock on the Beach on floor twelve you will trigger the boss fight with Captain Fishook. Upon defeating Captain Fishook players are able to rescue another Toad.

Johnny Deepend

Location: Floor 13, Pool.

In the Pool area of floor thirteen you will run into the boss called Johhny Deepend. This boss resides in a pool that must be drained before you can deal damage to him. Once the pool is drained Luigi can treat him like a normal ghost. For defeating Johnny Deepend you receive the Elevator Button 14.

DJ Phantasmagloria

Image showing the first round of the DJ Phantasmagloria boss fight.

Location: Floor 14, Dance Floor.

At the end of floor fourteen you will enter a Dance Floor room. In this room there is a DJ playing music and a group of ghosts dancing. Defeat the ghosts that are dancing and the main boss, DJ Phantasmagloria will appear. Take out the boss to get the Elevator Button for floor 15.

Hellen Gravely

Image showing how to defeat Hellen Gravely.

Location: Floor 15, Office.

On the Master Suites floor (floor 15) you will encounter Hellen Gravely. Hellen Gravely is the owner of the hotel and the boss you need to defeat in order to reach King Boo. Upon defeating Hellen Gravely you will free Mario who will lead you to the encounter with King Boo on the roof of the hotel.

King Boo

Image showing King Boo.

Location: N/A, Roof.

Upon defeat of Helleng Gravely, Luigi will free Mario who will lead you to the roof of the hotel. On the roof you will watch a number of cutscenes. After the cutscenes you will face off against the final boss of the game, King Boo. Defeating King Boo completes the game.

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