Luigi’s Mansion 3: All B2 Gem Locations – Collected All Boilerworks Gems

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Below B1 there lies another basement floor called B2 Boilerworks. As the name of this area suggests, this basement floor house the mechanical systems of the Last Resort. On this basement floor there are six gems to collect. This All B2 Gem locations guide will show you the locations of the Boilerworks gems. Let’s get started.

Yellow Gem Location: Elevator Hall

Image showing the Yellow Gem Location Elevator Hall.

In the Elevator Hall there is a locked door. To unlock this door you need to grab the key on the ledge above. To do this vacuum the tapestry covering the middle pipe and send Gooigi in. Grab the key then continue to the left to get up to the Yellow Gem.

Red Gem Location: Storage Room

Image showing the Red Gem Location Storage Room.

In the Resevoir there is a door in the left corner of the room that leads to a Storage Room. Inside the Storage Room there are a number of items on the wall and floor in this room. Vacuum up the items then movie the mop bucket using your Plunger. Moving the mop bucket reveals a pipe. Send Gooigi through the pipe then move the box by the chest to reveal another pipe. Go through that pipe then have Luigi turn the valve to shut off the water. Walk left to grab the Red Gem.

Blue Gem Location: Observation Room

Image showing the Blue Gem Location Observation Room.

In the lower left corner of the Observation Room there is a pressure pot you can reveal with your Dark light. Do this then activate the switch underneath the coffee pot. With all the pressure the Blue Gem will pop out of the console.

Purple Gem Location: Sewer C

Image showing the Purple Gem location in Sewer C.

After you’ve drained the water head back to the Sewer C room. On the bottom floor of the room there is a locked pipe on underneath the orange ball. Use your Plunger on the lock and then send Gooigi down into the pipe. You will arrive inside a submarine. Grab the fire source and light the burner underneath the pot to get the Purple Gem.

Green Gem Location: Sewer B

Image showing the Green Gem Location Sewer B.

With the water drained make your way to the bottom right corner of Sewer B. Put Gooigi on the elevator here and use Luigi to pull the ball nearby. This raises Gooigi up to the Green Gem.

White Gem Location: Ghost in Old Reservoir

Image showing the White Gem Location Ghost in Old Reservoir.

Note: Need to reach 12F before you can access this ghost.

When you reach floor 12 of the hotel you will be prompted to rescue Toad from the Boilerworks. To do this you will head through the Old Reservoir. In the Old Reservoir in the top left corner there is a wall with some paint cans near it. Pick up and shoot the paint cans at the wall to reveal a ghost. Defeat the ghost to get the White Gem.

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