Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 3F Gem Locations – Collected All Hotel Shops Gems

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The Hotel Shops area is located on the third floor of the Last Resort. On this floor you will find a number of collectibles to discover. To help you find all of the collectibles, use the All 3F Gem Locations guide below.

Purple Gem Location: Stall in Women’s Washroom

Image showing where to find the Purple Gem in Floor 3.

From the elevator make your way to the right and go inside the Men’s Bathroom. Here you will see a drain in the mirror. Use your Black Light to highlight the drain. Summon Gooigi and go down the drain. Walk over to the valve and Blow it to get the water to drain out of the Women’s Bathroom. Return to the Men’s Bathroom and use your Plunger to pull the vent open on the left wall. Send Gooigi through the pipe and grab the Purple Gem from inside the stall.

Red Gem Location: Boutique Hidden Room

Image showing where to find the Red Gem on Floor 3.

When you enter the Mall Lobby area the first shop on the bottom floor is a small Boutique. The entrance to the shop is closed, but Gooigi can make his way inside. Once Gooigi is inside the shop head over to the left side of the wall and use your Plunger on the dummy there to open a hidden door. Inside this room is a chest and the Red Gem on a pipe above it.

White Gem Location: Above Elevator Hall

Image showing where to find the White Gem on Floor 3.

Make your way into the Mall Lobby area and head up the escalator. Go to the right at the top of the escalator and then come towards the screen so you are next to the railings pictured above. Blast open the gate and follow the pathway into an area above the Elevator Hall. In at the end of the pathway you will reach a chest with the White Gem inside it.

Blue Gem Location: Vending Machine Upstairs Mall Lobby

Image showing where to find the Blue Gem on Floor 3.

On the top floor of the Mall Lobby make your way all the way to the right until you reach a vending machine in the Hallway out front of the security office. Use your Strobulb on the Vending Machine until the Blue Gem comes out (like 5x times).

Green Gem Location: Catwalk Above Mall Lobby

Image showing the ladder leading up to the Green Gem on Floor 3.

On the top floor of the Mall Lobby make your way all the way to the left and you will see a partially broken ladder. use your Black Light on the ladder to have it reappear. Climb the ladder and walk all the way to the right on the catwalk to reach a chest. Open the chest to get the Green Gem.

Yellow Gem Location: Glass Case in Accessories

Image showing the location of the Yellow Gem in Floor 3.

Make your way inside the Accessories shop using Gooigi (top left shop). Notice the Yellow Gem is sitting in a glass case on the back wall. Use your plunger on the large luggage in the middle of the room and swing it to smash the case open to get the gem.

Collecting all six of the above listed Gems nets you the Collected All Hotel Shop Gems achievement. Completing this achievement counts towards overall game completion.

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