Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 11F Gem Locations – Collected All Twisted Suites Gems

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Magic. That’s what floor 11 is all about. Like other floors this floor of the hotel contains a total of six collectible gems for players to find. These gems are located throughout the floor and can be tough to discover on your own. To help you get all the Twisted Suites Gems I’ve put together this All 11F Gem locations guide. Let’s get started.

Red Gem Location: Bladed Bedroom

Image showing the Red Gem Location Bladed Bedroom.

The first gem of this floor can be found inside the Bladed Bedroom. Inside this room you will see a knife board on the far wall. Go over to the knife board and some blades will appear and fly towards it. Spin the board using your vacuum to have more blades appear. Once all the blades hit the board, the Red Gem will appear.

White Gem Location: Suit Bathroom

Image showing the White Gem Location Suit Bathroom.

Inside the suit bathroom there are a number of large playing cards scattered throughout. Vacuum up all the playing cards to reveal the White Gem in the light above.

Green Gem Location: Lounge

Image showing the Green Gem Location Lounge.

When you head inside the Lounge you will see the Green Gem in the bottom left corner of the room behind a glass case. Leave Luigi by the case and summon Gooigi. Walk Gooigi over to the vending machine and plunger the metal square to the left of it. Flashlight the square to trigger a timer that opens all the cases. Switch to Luigi to grab the Green Gem.

Blue Gem Location: Trainer’s Bedroom

Image showing the Blue Gem Location Trainer's Bedroom.

In the Trainer’s Bedroom you will find the Blue Gem in the Piggy Bank on top of the fridge. Suck it up then shoot it at something to break it open and reveal the gem.

Purple Gem Location: Hall

Image showing the Purple Gem Location: Hall.

As soon as you enter the Hall a hat will fall on you. Walk with the hat on to the right until you reach a statue of three magicians. Two of the magicians have hats on, one does not. Walk over to the one without the hat on and jump to launch the hat onto the statue’s head. This reveals a staircase up. Go up the stairs to reach a chest with the Purple Gem inside it.

Yellow Gem Location: Mirror Bathroom

Image showing the Yellow Gem Location Mirror Bathroom.

You can see Yellow Gem in a portrait reflected in the mirror on the wall of the Mirror Bathroom. Use the mirror to lineup Luigi then use your Dark Light to collect the gem.

Collect all of the gems shown above to unlock the Collected All Twisted Suites Gems achievement. If you wish to 100% the game you will want to complete all of the achievements in the game.

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