Luigi’s Mansion 3: 10F Tomb Suites Guide

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On the 10th floor of the Last Resort you will enter the area called Tomb Suites. As the name suggests this floor is dedicated to tombs. To help you make your way through this floor check out our 10F Tomb Suites guide below.

Note: the locations of the gems for this floor can be found here.

How to Enter the Pyramid

Image showing how to enter the Pyramid.

From the elevator walk to the right until you reach a door covered in sand. Vacuum up the sand to gain access to the door. Go through the door to reach the Sandy Grand Hall, a large open area with a pyramid in the center. To enter the pyramid walk up to the statue to the left of the door and interact with it. Go inside the pyramid when the door opens.

How to Escape the Pyramid and Battle the Boss Ghost

Image showing the statue you want to interact with.

Inside the pyramid approach the sarcophagus and interact with it to trigger a cutscene. Luigi will fall into a pit with a lot of sand. Vacuum the sand to the left to access the statue there. Interact with the statue to reveal a hidden passage way. Blow sand over to make a ramp so you can access the passage.

Image showing what to pull to shield Luigi.

Inside the Secret Passageway you will walk up a ramp and will be shot at by some statues. Send Gooigi up and use the rope to raise a barrier that protects Luigi. Change to Luigi and walk up the ramp. Climb the ladder and get into the sarcophagus here to move to the Central Chamber.

Central Chamber

In the Central Chamber you will learn how to escape. Essentially we need to reach the top by filling the room with sand. To do this we need to visit the two other rooms attached to the Central Chamber: Snake Room (right room) and Scale Chamber (left room).

Snake Room

Image showing the Snake Room.

Inside the Snake Room blow the sand so you can reach the statue in the top right corner of the room. When you go to the statue it will disappear. In its place there are three lasers. To destroy the lasers climb up near them and jump. Once you do this a purple ghost appears. Defeat the ghost and interact with the statue.

Scale Chamber

Image showing the Scale Chamber room.

In the Scale Chamber you need to place objects onto the scale to reach the weight of the animal pictured. To solve the alligator put 1x Large Item and 3x Pots. This triggers a cutscene and the ceiling will start to come down. You need to quickly weigh the next one which is simply to remove the large item. You will then need to add 2x large items onto the scale with the pots on there. When done correctly a statue will appear. Interact with the statue and return to the Central Chamber.

Central Chamber Again

When you return to the Central Chamber you will get attacked by a number of mummies. These mummies can be defeated by blinding them so they charge you then dodging them so they hit the circle in the middle of the room. Vacuum up the mummy and pull of the wraps to reveal ghosts. Take them out then head up into the final room called the Jewel Chamber.

Jewel Chamber

Image showing the Jewel Chamber.

To make your way through the Jewel Chamber you need to uncover jewels hidden in the sand to unlock the walls. Each wall you unlock leads to a more complex wall. Eventually you will reach the statue. Interact with it to activate the final button. Return to the Central Chamber.

Central Chamber Again, Again

In the Central Chamber the room begins to fill with sand. While the room is filling with sand you need to defeat the ghosts that appear. Take out the ghosts and enter the doorway into the Secret Passageway. Make your way through the Secret Passageway by running up the stairs and using the torch to burn the spiderwebs. Enter the room to trigger the boss fight with Serpci.

How to Beat Serpci

Image showing Serpci.

The boss fight with Serpci is a bit of a pain. Serpci goes out into the Sandy Grand Hall. In this large area Serpci turns into a giant sand head. As a sand head Serpci attacks you with snakes, ground pounds, and flying fists. Dodge the snakes by running away (you can vacuum them up after they smash into the ground), avoid the ground pounds by jumping, and destroy the flying fists by jumping also.

To defeat Serpci you want to suck the sand head down until it disappears. Once the head disappears Serpci will appear with a circle of snakes. Dodge her snake’s attacks and then flashlight her and suck. Repeat this process until she dies. When Serpci is no more you get the Elevator Button 11.

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