How To Use Photo Mode in The Division 2

The Division 2 features a photo mode which allows you to take pictures of things you find interesting. To help you use this new mode, check out our how to use photo mode in The Division 2 guide below.

Photo Mode in The Division 2

Photo Mode in The Division 2
You can access Photo Mode from the start screen.

Photo Mode in The Division 2 is accessible via the pause screen. When you hit pause you will bring up a screen which features a number of options like Clan, Character, Progression, etc. If you look down on the screen you should see a prompt to trigger Photo Mode (square on PS4). Press and hold the button to enter Photo Mode.

In Photo Mode you are able to move the camera all over, pose your agents, add filters, and more. There is an trophy/achievement tied to Photo Mode which is called “For Prosperity” which involves snapping a picture of a group of four agents together.

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