How to Unlock the Pako Battiliar in Vampire Survivors

The Vampire Survivors Pako Battiliar unlock requriements.

In the 1.9 update for Vampire Survivors the developers added a couple of new weapons for players to unlock. One of these new weapons is the Pako Battiliar. This item must be unlocked before players can use it in-game. To learn how to unlock the Pako Battiliar in Vampire Survivors, see our complete guide below.

Easy Way to Defeat a Total of 161,616 Bats

To unlock the Pako Battiliar in Vampire Survivors, you need to defeat a total of 161,616 bats. This number is cumulative, so if you’ve been playing the game for a while, you may have already achieved this. In that case, you can simply start a run and log out for the unlock to trigger.

Screenshot of the Vampire Survivors Bat Country stage.
Bat Country is an easy stage to complete this challenge on.

If you haven’t reached that number (which you can check in the Bestiary or the Unlocks screen), you will need to defeat more bats. The quickest method is to unlock the secret character Rose and then complete runs of Bat Country with the Curse PowerUp maxed. Create an OP build and defeat as many bats as possible. Repeat until you’ve reached the needed number.

Pako Battiliar Unlocked & Evolution Details

Once you’ve defeated 161,616 bats, you can either finish up your run or quit out. Upon quitting, you will see a prompt stating that you’ve unlocked the achievement EXTRA: Pako Battiliar. This also causes the item itself to appear in your game.

The Pako Battiliar serves as the starting weapon of Bat Robbert, featuring 8 levels and an Evolution. Triggering the evolution requires the Hollow Heart at maximum level and a chest. This evolution transforms it into the Mazo Familiar.

This item is just one of multiple new additions that were added in Vampire Survivors 1.9. There is a new map to unlock, new characters to get, and new achievements to unlock. Check out our other guides for help with those.

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