How to Unlock Gooigi in Luigi’s Mansion 3

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In Luigi’s Mansion 3 there is a special ability for players to unlock which creates a goo version of Luigi called Gooigi. This special ability allows you to traverse more locations in The Last Resort. Continue reading below to learn how to unlock Gooigi in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Note: progression listed below occurs naturally as you playthrough the main storyline.

Rescue E.Gadd

Image showing E.Gadd trapped in his painting.

The first step in unlocking Gooigi is to rescue E.Gadd. E.Gadd is trapped inside a painting on the second floor of The Last Resort hotel. You will go to this location after completing the Prologue of the game. Once you’ve rescued E.Gadd he will setup his laboratory in the Underground Garage. At this point he will send you to Floor 5 to find his briefcase.

Find E.Gadd’s Briefcase on Floor 5

Image showing the Maid ghost with the briefcase.

Using the elevator you can access Floor 5. On Floor 5 you will run into a Maid ghost that steals E.Gadd’s briefcase. Unlock other ghosts you’ve faced up to this point you need to utilize a combination of Strobulb, Plunger Shot, and vacuum to kill this ghost. Once you’ve killed the maid ghost it will drop the briefcase. Pick up the briefcase and head back to E.Gadd in the Underground Garage.

Return Briefcase to E.Gadd

Image showing Gooigi in Luigi's Mansion 3.

Return the Briefcase to E.Gadd in the Underground Garage. Upon returning the Briefcase to E.Gadd you will unlock Gooigi. E.Gadd will run you through a brief tutorial on this ability. Basically you can summon Gooigi to help you reach areas the solid Luigi cant go. Using Gooigi helps you solve a number of puzzles you will face in The Last Resort. Note that Gooigi can take damage like Luigi and is susceptible to water.

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