How to Unlock Double or Nothing in Buckshot Roulette

The cashout machine in Buckshot Roulette.

Buckshot Roulette is an indie game that tasks players with participating in Russian Roulette using a shotgun. This title, while it seems fairly basic, features an unlockable mode called Double or Nothing. Double or Nothing allows players to infinitely play as long as they keep winning. To learn how to unlock Double or Nothing in Buckshot Roulette, consult our guide below.

Complete the Game’s Normal Mode

Before delving into Double or Nothing mode, players must first unlock it by completing the Buckshot Roulette normal mode. This mode initiates as soon as the game starts, comprising three rounds. Round 2 introduces items, while Round 3 introduces a mechanic preventing players from healing.

After finishing Round 3 of the normal mode, players are rewarded with a briefcase full of money as they exit the nightclub. Following a short drive, the screen fades to black, and a message stating that “Double or Nothing” has been unlocked appears. Players also unlock the achievement 70k.

Use the Bathroom Pills to Turn on Double or Nothing Mode

The Double or Nothing pills in Buckshot Roulette.
To turn on the mode consume the pills in the bathroom.

In subsequent games, you’ll find yourself back in the bathroom. Notably, there are some changes this time around: a computer and a bottle of pills now sit on the counter. To initiate Double or Nothing mode, interact with the bottle of pills. Remember, you’ll need to do this each time you play to activate the mode.

What is the Double or Nothing Mode?

In Double or Nothing mode, gameplay is akin to the normal mode but with some adjustments. Upon starting, players can utilize items right away. After winning a game, completing three rounds in total, you’ll have the option to either quit or double-down on the next match. Opting to double-down enables you to double your money and continue playing. Keep in mind, there are several achievements linked to earning cash in this mode.

In theory, Double or Nothing mode offers indefinite gameplay as long as you can survive. Your earnings, along with other stats, are recorded on the computer in the bathroom. Interact with it to access various screens displaying your game details.

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