Buckshot Roulette Achievements Guide

A screenshot from Buckshot Roulette.

Buckshot Roulette, an indie tabletop horror video game developed and published by Mike Klubnika, offers players a thrilling experience on Steam. In this game, as the name implies, you must face the harrowing challenge of surviving a game of Russian Roulette using a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. As you strive to stay alive, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock 16 Achievements, allowing you to flaunt your accomplishments to friends. For a comprehensive guide on how to unlock all these achievements, refer to our detailed Buckshot Roulette Achievements guide below.

1. Soak it In

The dark room above the nightclub in Buckshot Roulette.
Stand in this room for 1 minute to get this achievement.

Each time you start the game you start in the bathroom of a nightclub. Exit the bathroom and stand on the catwalk area overlooking the club. Stay there for 1 minute, listening to the music, to get the achievement to unlock.

2. Name Taken

Inputting God into the liability waiver of Buckshot Roulette.
Enter God or Dealer to earn this achievement.

Before you start playing Buckshot Roulette you need to input a name on the General Release of Liability Waiver. Input either ‘GOD‘ or ‘DEALER‘ as your name and push enter to earn this achievement. This can be done at the start of Normal Mode or Double or Nothing mode.

3. Coin Flip

When there is only one live round and one blank in the Shotgun, shoot yourself. If you get lucky and it is a blank in the gun you unlock the Coin Flip achievement. You can use the Magnifying Glass, if you have one, to be sure it is a blank.

4. Going Out With Style!

The Hand Saw item in Buckshot Roullette.
Use the Hand Saw when you know it is a live round in the gun. Then shoot yourself.

When you have access to items (occurs during Round 2 of Normal Mode or immediately in Double or Nothing mode) do the following:

  1. Get a Hand Saw: Wait until you get or can steal a Hand Saw.
  2. Modify the Shotgun: Ensure that there is a live round in the gun. Use the Hand Saw on the Shotgun to create a sawed-off shotgun.
  3. Final Step: With the modified shotgun, proceed to shoot yourself.

Upon shooting yourself with the shotgun you will unlock this achievement.

5. Why?

The Magnifying Glass item in Buckshot Roulette.
Use the Magnifying Glass to identify a live round in the gun. Shoot yourself with it.

When you have access to items (occurs during Round 2 of normal mode or in Double or Nothing mode) get or steal a Magnifying Glass. Use the Magnifying Glass to look at the Shotgun. If there is a live round in the Shotgun shoot yourself with it to unlock the Why? achievement.

6. Bronze Gates

Reach the final round of normal mode, Round 3, and die during it. After you die you then wake up in a strange new location with a distant gate. Interact with the gate to walk through it, unlocking this achievement.

7. 70k

Complete all 3 rounds of normal mode. Upon completing the 3rd round you will ‘beat the game,’ earning yourself 70k and the 70k achievement.

8. High Rollers

Computer in the bathroom in Buckshot Roulette.
Use the computer in the washroom to view the High Rollers page after beating normal mode.

Upon completing the game, you’ll find yourself back in the bathroom when initiating a new game. Within the bathroom, you’ll notice a few new additions. To earn this achievement, simply interact with the computer. Utilize the buttons located at the bottom to navigate to the high score page. Once you’ve viewed the page, the achievement will be unlocked.

9. Chasing Losses

The Double or Nothing pills in Buckshot Roulette.
Consume the double or nothing pills to unlock this achievement.

Upon completing the game
, you’ll find yourself back in the bathroom at the start of a new game. New items will catch your eye. To unlock this achievement, interact with the pills beside the computer. You’ll be prompted to take them. Choose to consume them to start Double or Nothing mode and earn this achievement.

10. Overdose

Use the pills in the bathroom a total of 10 times. You can achieve this by playing the game naturally or by resetting (pushing R) your run until you’ve consumed the pills 10 times.

11. Nope!

The cashout machine in Buckshot Roulette.
Push the X that appears on this machine to cash out.

Cash out after completing the first game of Double or Nothing game mode.

12. 140k

Cash out after making at least 140k in the Double or Nothing game mode.

13. 1000k

Cash out after making at least 1000k in the Double or Nothing game mode.

14. Know When To Quit

Die when you have over 1,000,000 cash in the Double or Nothing game mode.

15. Digita, Orava and Koni

Cigarettes, Medicine, and Bear on the table in Buckshot Roulette.
When you have medicine, beer, and cigarettes use them all in one turn.

In one turn of the Double or Nothing game mode consume the Expired MedicineBeer, and Cigarette Pack items.

16. Full House

A Full House achievement setup in Buckshot Roulette.
Here’s what my Full House setup looked like.

The most challenging achievement to unlock is undoubtedly Full House. To earn this achievement, you must utilize a total of 9 different items in a single turn during the Double or Nothing mode. This involves strategically stacking the table with 8 unique items, including Adrenaline, and then using the Adrenaline to steal an additional unique item (or two) from the Dealer.

Due to the RNG of this achievement it is hard to give concrete steps to achieving. A few tips I can give are:

  • The first starting deal is important. You ideally want to start with 4/5 unique items and 3/4 hearts.
  • You and the Dealer need to survive long enough so you are dealt 8 items.
  • End deals as quickly as possible by either shooting yourself with blanks or jettisoning shells (if you have extra Beers).
  • Spend duplicate items when possible and where it makes sense.
  • You can use two Adrenaline to steal two unique items in one turn.
  • You can reset your run by holding R.

That’s all you need to know to unlock the all of the Buckshot Roulette achievements. Most of the achievement listed above are fairly easy to unlock, but some do require having good RNG which can make them more time consuming.

Thoughts on our Buckshot Roulette achievements guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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