Buckshot Roulette Items and What They Do

Items laid out on the table in Buckshot Roulette.

Buckshot Roulette is a fun little indie title in which players play Russian Roulette using a shotgun. While the player is playing the game they can use a variety of items to attempt to sway the game in their favor. Understanding the various Buckshot Roulette items and what they do is an important part of the game’s strategy. The guide below takes a closer look at each item in the game and its effect.

All Buckshot Roulette Items Details

In Round 2 and beyond of the game’s normal story mode, as well as in the Double or Nothing mode, players have the option to use items during the roulette game. These items are randomly provided at the start of each hand. In total, there are 9 items available, each offering unique benefits. Check the table below for details on all available items in the game.

Hand SawShotgun deals 2 damage
Magnifying GlassCheck the current round in the chamber
BeerRacks the Shotgun. Ejects current shell
InverterSwaps the polarity of the current shell in the chamber
Cigarette PackTake the edge off. Regain 1 charge
Burner PhoneA mysterious voice gives you insight from the future
Expired Medicine50% chance to regain 2 charges. If not, lose 1 charge
HandcuffsDealer skips the next turn
AdrenalineSteal an item and use it immediately

One additional item is available for players’ use, although it’s not accessible during the roulette game. After completing the Normal Mode, players unlock the pills in the bathroom, which can be interacted with to trigger Double or Nothing mode.

Knowing the items, and what they do, is very important to succeed in the game. There are a number of achievements players can unlock by using an item or multiple at once. To learn more about unlocking all of the achievements check out our Buckshot Roulette achievements guide.

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