How to Start the Terraria x Don’t Starve Crossover Event

In a surprising announcement Re-logic has revealed a crossover event with Terraria and Don’t Starve. This event brings a slew of new additions to both of the games including new monsters, new items, and new gameplay experiences. If you want to know how to start the Terraria x Don’t Starve crossover the guide below will help you do just that.

How to Play Don’t Starve Content in Terraria

Image showing how to start the new Terraria x Don't Starve Crossover Event.

The new Don’t Starve content that has been added to Terraria is accessed by starting a new world with a special world gen seed. To play this new world start a new game and input the seed named “The Constant” in world generation. Inputting this seed name will create a special Don’t Starve themed world for players to explore. This special seed contains a variety of Don’t Starve additions as follows:

  • Food/hunger system.
  • Higher drop rate on Don’t Starve items.
  • Deerclops boss.

For more details on what’s inside this game mode check out the official post by Re-logic right here. This post runs down the new additions added in the crossover.

How to Play Terraria Content in Don’t Starve

Alongside the Terraria content Re-logic has added two bosses to the popular Don’t Starve survival title. These two bosses are encountered in-game using a special item found in the game world called the Terrarium set piece. This item summons the Eye of Terror boss. Alongside the boss players can also summon the Twins of Terror duo for an additional challenge.

Besides additional bosses Re-logic has put their own spin on a variety of items in-game. The new items include boss trophies and an eye follower for players to unlock. For the full rundown check out the post linked above by Re-logic.

Thoughts on our how to start the Terraria x Don’t Starve crossover event? Drop them in the comments below.



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