How to Get Chester in Terraria

The Terraria x Don’t Starve crossover event is live and with it comes a slew of new additions to both titles of the game. Terraria received a number of Don’t Starve themed items including a pet-summon of Don’t Starve‘s Chester character. If you want to snag this item for yourself the guide below will walk you through how to get Chester in Terraria.

Defeat the Deerclops Boss Until the Eye Bone Drops

Image showing Chester in Terraria.

To get the item that summons the pet named Chester you need to farm the newly added boss called the Deerclops. This boss is part of the crossover event content. The Deerclops boss drops a number of Don’t Starve themed items. The item we need is the Eye Bone which has a 33% chance to drop.

Using the Eye Bone summons the Chester pet. This pet is a reference to Don’t Starve. The Chester pet is similar to the mobile Piggy Bank. When you interact with Chester you can deposit different items inside it, making it possible to carry a lot more. A nice benefit of this item is that the pet will follow you around so you do not need to constantly trigger the item.

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