How to Start Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Forgotten Saga

How to Start Assassin's Creed Valhalla Forgotten Saga

On August 2nd, Ubisoft released a new, free, game mode for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This new game mode is a rogue-lite mode called The Forgotten Saga. Before you can jump right into the mode you will need to complete a few steps. Learn the steps in our how to start Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Forgotten Saga below.

Download Update Title Update 1.6.0

Image showing the Title Update 1.6.0 for Assassin's Creed Valhalla.
Image via Ubisoft.

The first step is super simple. The Forgotten Saga game mode is tied to the Title Update 1.6.0. This update must be downloaded for you to access the content. On PlayStation 5 the update was 12ish GB in size. Download the update and then make your way into the game to continue onto the next step.

Visit Asgard (or Have Visited It Once)

Image showing unlocking the Forgotten Saga game mode in AC Valhalla.
You will see this notice when you’ve unlocked the game mode.

The next step, in-game, is to visit or have visited Asgard at least once. This location is visited by drinking the potion in Valka’s hut during the In Dreams… questline. This questline becomes available by reaching Settlement Level 3 and building the Seer Hut. You then need to collect plants to make a drink for Valka which, when drunk, takes you to Asgard.

Once you’ve visited Asgard at least one time you will trigger the notification shown above. This means you’ve unlocked The Forgotten Saga game mode in your Settlement and the quest called A Gift From the Otherworld.

Speak with the New Craftsman Everold

Image showing the map location of Everold in AC Valhalla Forgotten Saga.
Map location of Everold.

Once the A Gift From the Otherworld has begun the next step is to speak to a new arrival in the settlement. This new arrival is located on the east-side next to the bridge. Approach the man moving in to meet Everold. Speak to Everold to receive a mead horn.

After the interaction Everold’s Workship will be built. Go inside the building and drink the potion on the barrel to trigger another cutscene. After this cutscene you will enter the Forgotten Saga game mode. You will wake up in a hub area called Odin’s Camp. Run through the camp and use the gate to wake up to return to Everold.

Everold will explain a little about what is going on. You will then look at his inventory. He will sell you items you can purchased using the new currency of Dreams. Head back into the dream and jump off the large ledge near the armor area to start a run. Good luck!

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