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In the area of Grantebridgescire there are a number of mysteries and World Events for players to find and complete. One of the mysteries you will encounter takes place on a small island where an NPC has named themselves king. To secure their rule they task you with finding and Arm-Ring. To complete this World Event use our Lord of Norsexe guide below.

Where to Start the Lord of Norsexe

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You can start this Grantebridgescire World Event to the west of Grantebridge on the small island there that sits on the Great Ouse River. When you reach this small island you will see fenced area. Head inside this fenced area to meet an NPC sitting on a throne. Walk up and speak to him to start the Lord of Norsexe World Event.

How to Complete the Lord of Norsexe

To complete this quest you need to find an Arm-Ring that was lost in a shipwreck. This shipwreck is located directly south of the little island. Head into the water and swim over to the wreckage. Use Odin Vision to highlight the bodies in the wreck. The one you want to loot is underwater so swim down to it and loot it to get the Arm-Ring.

Take the ring and head back to the ‘King’. When you present the ring to the NPC you will be prompted to either pledge loyalty or question him. If you opt to question the ‘King’ he will attack you. If you choose to pledge loyality he will not attack. Regardless of the outcome you will earn XP for your efforts and +1 Grantebridgescire Mystery.

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