Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Drink of the Picts Guide

In the Isle of Skye in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there is a location called Dunvegan Village. This location is home to a world event players can complete. This world event tasks Eivor with helping a brew master make a recipe he has lost. To help you complete this world event use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Drink of the Picts guide below.

Where to Start The Drink of the Picts World Event

Image showing the location of The Drink of the Picts World Event in AC Valhalla.

Make your way to Dunevegan Village and head to the west side to find a man pacing in front of a cottage. When you try to speak to this man he will mention he lost some very important notes and to leave him alone. The notes he lost are inside the village he is standing beside. Simply destroy the the thatch cover on the cottages window and jump inside. Read the note on the table to learn the recipe which is:

  • 2x Crushed Barley.
  • 1x Wheat from the field, harvested under the stars’ watch.
  • 1x Firefly.

Once you’ve read and retrieved the Stained List of Ingredients return to the man and speak with him. He asks that you gather the ingredients on the list to make the Drink of Picts.

Where to Collect Crushed Barley, Wheat, and a Firefly

Image showing the Fireflies in AC Valhalla.

Collecting the ingredients is a bit of a pain since there are stipulations on them. The first ingredient, Crushed Barley, can be found along the cottage with the note in it, and further west in the animal pen. Once you have that ingredient shift your attention to wheat. Wheat is located just outside the animal pen to the west. Wait until nightfall so you can harvest it. The final ingredient, Firefly, is located by the dock north of where you meet the brew man.

Once you’ve collected the three ingredients listed above return to the quest giver. You will give the ingredients to him. He promises to make the Drink of the Picts. For your efforts you receive +40 Silver and +1 to the Mysteries of the Isle of Skye completion.

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