How to Get the Tactical SMG in GTA Online

GTA Online Tactical SMG.

The Mercenaries update for GTA online is out now and with it comes a number of new additions to the game. One of the new additions added in this update is a new weapon called the Tactical SMG. If you want to get the Tactical SMG you need to find a certain vendor in the game. Learn how to get the Tactical SMG in GTA Online below.

Where to Get the Tactical SMG

To get the Tactical SMG for yourself you need to have updated the game with the San Andreas Mercenaries update. This update features a bunch of new things including the new weapon. Updating should occur naturally on all platforms, so you don’t have to worry much about it.

Once you’ve updated the game head into a lobby. Inside the lobby you need to visit the Gun Van. The Gun Van is a roaming merchant that sells guns, amongst other things. This merchant changes locations each day, so check out oud Daily Gun Van location guide to find where it is today.

At the Gun Van speak to the NPC inside of it. Ask to see the Weapons he has for sale. On the list is this special weapon which sells for a discounted price of $292,500. Once you’ve purchased the weapon you can upgrade it. You can purchase upgrades for the weapon including things like Extended Clip, Suppressor, Scope, and different color Tints for a price.

There is a possibility that the Gun Van will not be the only source of this weapon. Over time this gun may appear in the different Amm-U-Nations across San Andrea. If this move does occur I will update this post accordingly.

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