Vehicle Price Changes in GTA Online Announced

Warstock Cache and Carry vehicle purchase screen in GTA Online.

Rockstar announced early today during the GTA Online weekly reset that vehicle price changes are coming to the popular online game. These vehicle price changes in GTA Online reflect an attempt by the company to better reflect their value in-game. The company has shared the new prices, which are located in the list below.

New Vehicle Prices in GTA Online

The reveal of the new vehicle prices came in the April 13th weekly update post. On April 27th Rockstar will roll out new pricing for a wide range of vehicles in the game. This new pricing model will reflect the utility of the vehicle more accurately. Some vehicles will see their price drop while other vehicles will see their prices increase. The announced prices that go into effect on April 27th are:

Brute Armored BoxvilleGTA$2,926,000 / GTA$1,300,000

Buckingham AkulaGTA$3,704,050 / GTA$4,500,000

Declasse Granger 3600LXGTA$1,380,000 / GTA$2,000,000

Declasse ScramjetGTA$3,480,000 / GTA$4,000,000

Dewbauchee ChampionGTA$2,995,000 / GTA$3,750,000

HVY ChernobogGTA$3,311,700 / GTA$1,500,000

Imponte DeluxoGTA$4,721,500 / GTA$5,750,000

Imponte Ruiner 2000GTA$5,745,600 / GTA$3,750,000

Mammoth ThrusterGTA$3,657,500 / GTA$2,500,000

Mammoth TulaGTA$5,173,700 / GTA$4,100,000

Ocelot StrombergGTA$3,185,350 / GTA$2,500,000

Pegassi OppressorGTA$3,524,500 / GTA$2,750,000

Pegassi Oppressor Mk IIGTA$3,890,250 / GTA$8,000,000

Pegassi ToreadorGTA$3,660,000 / GTA$4,250,000

Pegassi Weaponized IgnusGTA$3,245,000 / GTA$4,500,000

RM-10 BombushkaGTA$5,918,500 / GTA$4,750,000


Rockstar Games has also stated that it is open to evaluating potential future adjustments. One such adjustment is the re-balancing of certain aerial vehicles to protect bystanders in Freemode. As more details become available, Rockstar will share them with players.

Alongside this announcement Rockstar also revealed a new web based License Plate creation tool. This tool will allow players to make up to 30 license plates using either desktop or mobile. Once a license plate is made the players simply has to login into GTA Online to put it on their vehicle.

Thoughts on the vehicle price changes in GTA Online announced by Rockstar? Let me hear them in the comments below.



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