How to Get the Princess Peach Outfit in Super Mario Maker 2

In Super Mario Maker 2 there are a number of outfits for players to unlock as they playthrough the game’s story mode. These outfits change the look of your character. Below I will show you how to get the Princess Peach outfit.

Beat Super Mario Maker’s Story Mode

Image showing completed castle.

The first thing you need to do to unlock the Princess Peach outfit (dress and wig) is to complete the the Story Mode. This is done by reaching castle completion of 100%. Once you hit 100% you will watch a brief cutscene followed by credits. After the credits you will be put back into the Story Mode. Speak to the Taskmaster next.

Complete Princess Peach’s Two Endgame Jobs

Image showing the March of the Rookie Toads description screen.

After you’ve beaten Story Mode, return to the Taskmaster and speak to them. When you first speak with them they will mention a new job from Princess Peach. In total Peach will give you two jobs:

  • Let’s Go, Builder Mario – Pays out Princess Peach Dress.
  • March of the Rookie Toads – Pays out Princess Peach Wig.

Complete both of the jobs listed above to receive the Princess Peach Dress and Princess Peach Wig. These items can be equipped on the Maker avatar page, which I will discuss more below.

Equipping the Princess Peach Outfit

Image showing the Princess Peach Outfit.

Once you have Princess Peach Dress and Wig unlocked, you are gonna probably want to equip them both. To do this make your way to the Course World mode. In this mode you can make a Mii. This Maker avatar can wear a number of different costumes. To do this select your Maker from the main Course World screen and then choose change outfit. Here you will find the dress under the outfit option and the wig under head. Equip them both and Enjoy!

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