How to Get the Frog Cap in Super Mario Maker 2

There are a number of outfits for players to unlock in Super Mario Maker 2 which change the look of their Maker avatar. These outfits range from simple shirts to more complex things like dresses. Below you will learn how to get the Frog Cap clothing piece.

Advance Story Mode Until You Meet Soundfrog

Image showing the Soundfrog NPC.

Soundfrog is an NPC you will meet in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. This character resides in a cloud above the right path which becomes accessible via a hidden block over the red flower (after completing Partrick and Mr. Eraser’s jobs). Advance the story mode until you meet this NPC and gain access to its jobs.

Complete Soundfrog’s Sea of Sorrow Job

Image showing the Soundfrom job Sea of Sorrow.

Once you meet Soundfrog it will ask you to complete a total of three jobs. To access the job that unlocks the Frog Cap you need to complete to other jobs. These other jobs are:

  • Cheep Cheep Maze.
  • Hold Your Breath.

Upon completion of these two jobs you will unlock one final job from Soundfrog called Sea of Sorrow. This four star job will reward you with the Frog Cap upon completion.

Equipping the Frog Cap

Image showing the Frog Cap.

Your new cap can be accessed by your Maker avatar in the Course World mode. To equip this piece of headgear make your way to the Maker avatar page. From here select Change Outfit. You will find your new hat on the head page.

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