How to Get the Frenzied Flame in Elden Ring

There are a number of endings for players to unlock in Elden Ring. These endings range from simple and easy to unlock to more hidden and obscure. One of the endings players can unlock has them being afflicted with the Frenzied Flame. This flame is fairly well hidden and hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Use our how to get the Frenzied Flame in Elden Ring guide below to learn more about it. Major spoilers below.

Important Info Before We Begin

To reach the Frenzied Flame you need to advance the story until you reach the Royal Capital of Leyndell. At this point you can visit the sewers of the capital. It is inside the sewers where you travel to reach the Frenzied Flame. Keep in mind you can visit the sewers of the Royal Capital or the Ashen Capital. When you accept the Frenzied Flame impacts what happens at the Forge of the Giants:

  1. Accept the flame before burning the Erdtree and Melina will leave your side. You burn yourself at the forge.
  2. Accept it after burning the Erdtree and Melina will burn herself at the forge (like the standard story).

Regardless of which outcome you select, the endings are still fairly similar. So keep that in mind when you make your decision. Also keep in mind that getting the Frenzied Flame locks you into a set ending unless you get Miquella’s Needle to reverse the effect. This means completing Millicent’s questline and beating the hardest boss in the game.

Also to access the flame ensure you beaten Morgott. Otherwise there is a seal on the door that will not let you pass through it. Once Morgott is defeated the seal breaks and you can access the platforming puzzle section.

Go Into the Sewers of the Royal Capital

Once you reach the Leyndell, Capital City in walls you can go to the sewers (as pointed out in the comments below). To do this make your way through the city until you reach the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace in the middle of the city. From this Site of Grace head down the stairs leading northwest. Go through the double doors and take a left. Run along the railing to the dragon tail then jump over the railing to reach a well. Go down the well. Open the cage door and follow the path forward to arrive in the sewers.

Go Into the Ashen City Sewers

If you didn’t visit the sewer while the city was normal, fear not. After advancing the main story, an event occurs which covers the city in ash. This turns the city into Leyndell, Capital of Ash. From the Leyndell, Capital of Ash Site of Grace head south until you find an open sewer cover in the street. Carefully drop down the hole using the different platforms. At the bottom you will be in the sewers of Leyndell.

Reach the Cathedral of the Forsaken

To subject yourself to the Frenzied Flame you need to reach the Frenzied Flame door at the very bottom of the sewers. This means taking a rather long journey through the sewers to reach the .

Inside the sewers you will arrive in a hallway. In this long hallway there are a few large enemies. Walk east in down the hallway and go through the first open doors on your left to reach the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. Return to the hallway and continue head east until you reach some grates. Drop down the hole in the grate to the tunnel below.

The tunnel below is full of rats. Walk northwest in this tunnel until you have a tunnel on your right. Go into this tunnel on your right. Equip a light source of some kind. You will need to be able to see well as there are holes in the tunnel you don’t want to fall down.

Follow the tunnel forward until you reach a hole in the ground. Jump over the hole. Keep walking forward. Ignore the tunnel on your left and continue heading forward up the rise. At the top of the rise jump over another hole in the ground. Walk forward to the T and take a right through the gate.

Walk forward until you reach a room. Climb the ladder in this room. At the room on top go forward and open the double doors. Before going through turn and open the gate using the lever. This opens a shortcut back to the earlier Underground Roadside Site of Grace.

Second Shortcut

Go through the double doors we opened and head to the left. Drop down to the level below by walking off the edge. Follow the stairs going down. At the bottom go right into the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel you will enter a room. Go down the stairs and immediately turn around. There is a gate you can pass through that leads to another tunnel. Go into the tunnel.

Make your way through the tunnel to reach another room with a ladder. Go up the ladder and cross the wooden bridge to the double-doors. Open the double-doors and we are back at the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. Sit if needed.

Head back through double-doors we just opened stand on the wooden bridge. Along the wall there is a pipe you can walk on leading up and around the corner. Walk up this pipe and follow it to the very end. At the end you are standing on a wooden platform. Drop off the northeast of this platform onto the ground below. Jump onto the northwest wooden platform walk along it to find a doorway. Go through the doorway into the next room.

Drop the ladder from this platform, but don’t go down it. Instead look at the pipe below you. There is a hole in it. Drop down onto the pipe and drop into the hole to reach another tunnel.

Inside the tunnel equip your light source again. Walk northeast and go around the corner. Around the second corner talk your first left. Drop down into the first hole you encounter. Defeat the enemy that jumps you then walk northeast. Follow this tunnel to the end and you will reach a ladder. Go down the ladder to reach a room with a big jar. Go right and get on the elevator. At the bottom is the Forsaken Depths Site of Grace.

Defeat Mohg, the Omen

Image showing Mogh, the Omen in Elden Ring.

From the Site of Grace run to the northeast until you reach a boss arena called Cathedral of the Forsaken. Inside this boss arena you fight Mohg, the Omen. Defeat Mohg, the Omen to get the Bloodflame Talons spell. Sit at the Cathedral of the Forsaken Site of Grace that appears.

Reach the Frenzied Flame Proscription

Image showing the secret passage in the Cathedral of the Forsaken in Elden Ring.

Note: If you have the Longtail Cat Talisman you can equip it for this next section. It will make it a lot easier.

The Cathedral of the Forsaken appears to be a dead end, but it isn’t. Go to the treasure chest and open it. After you’ve opened walk behind and hit the wall. This reveals a hidden passage way. Go down the passageway to reach a large room with a large hole in it.

This hole has wooden beams across it. Walk onto the beam and then drop down to the one below. Drop down again to the lowest beam. From here jump down the coffins sticking out of the walls to go down the hole. On the final coffin grab the walk along it into the room and walk down the stairs to the lower floor. From here drop down to the floor below. It will break and you will fall further down. At the bottom is the Frenzied Flame Proscription Site of Grace.

How to Get the Frenzied Flame

The only thing to do now is get the Frenzied Flame. To do this leave the Site of Grace and head to the northeast. Here you will find a door that will not open for you. If you want to accept the Frenzied Flame, take off all of your armor so you’re naked. You will get the option to interact with the door. Interact and a cutscene plays. You character accepts the flame and their body is burned.

Complete the game as you normally would. After you’ve beaten the Elden Beast you will appear on the Stone Platform. Here approach the Fractured Marika and select Become the Lord of Frenzied Flame to trigger the flames ending.

Thoughts on our how to get the Frenzied Flame in Elden Ring guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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