Elden Ring Millicent Quest Guide

In Elden Ring in the Caelid region there is a named location called Gowry’s Shack. This named location is south of Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Inside the shack is an NPC named Gowry. Speaking to Gowry starts a side quest for him to help save a sick woman named Millicent in Sellia. To help you complete this quest use our Elden Ring Millicent Quest guide below.

Where to Start the Millicent Quest

Make your way to Gowry’s Shack along the road heading to Sellia, Town of Sorcery. The shack is right off the road and is fairly hard to miss. One thing to note is that there is a large enemy outside of the shack. Defeat this enemy before proceed as it can kill Gowry while you are speaking to him. Once the enemy is cleared go inside the shack and speak to Gowry. He requests you find the Unalloyed Gold Needle for him.

Where to Find the Unalloyed Gold Needle

The Unalloyed Gold Needle is a dropped by the Great Enemy named Commander O’Neil. This Great Enemy is located on the east side of the swamp in a little alcove highlighted by the map cursor on the image above. Note that this fight is fairly tough, as Commander O’Neil uses summons for much of the fight.

When you defeat Commander O’Neil you receive the Commander’s Standard weapon and the Unalloyed Gold Needle. The item we need to complete the side quest is the Unalloyed Golden Needle so take it back to the Gowry in Gowry’s Shack to advance the quest.

Give the Unalloyed Golden Needle to Gowry and he will give you a note called Sellia’s Secret. This secret notes explains that the seal in Sellia can be broken by lighting three flames. Gowry then asks for some time to work. Go to a Site of Grace and rest then return. Gowry will give you the Unalloyed Gold Needle back.

Where to Find Millicent in Sellia

Once you have the Unalloyed Gold Needle you need to find the sick girl named Millicent. To find Millicent head into Sellia. In Sellia light the three fires on top of the towers. The one we need lit at least is the one on the eastside of town. This opens the large seal on the north side of town, allowing you to go up the path to the Church of Plague.

Inside the Church of Plague Millicent is in the southeast corner. Go over and speak to her. Give her the Unalloyed Gold Needle and then rest at the nearby Site of Grace. Speak to Millicent again and she will give you the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom. Sit at the Site of Grace again then go to Gowry’s Shack to find Millicent there.

Get the Valkryie’s Prosthesis

Image showing Millicent in Elden Ring.

After the interaction at Gowry’s Shack Millicent goes to the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace in Altus Plateau. If you want you can go back to Gowry’s Shack and speak to Gowry again. Once you’ve done this go to the Erdtree-Gazing Hill and head north. Millicent is standing along the ridge. Speak to her at this location to talks about missing her sword arm. This is a hint for what to do next.

To get Millicent back in action you need to find her a prosthetic arm. Lucky for us there is one nearby. North of you location (look at map) there is a castle in green liquid called The Shaded Castle. Go to the castle and go to the northwestern most building. This building is a church. Inside the church is the Valkryie’s Prosthesis in the chest. Grab it and take it back to Millicent. Speak to Millicent and give the Prothesis to her.

Find Millicent in Windmill Village, Ancient Snow Valley Ruins, and Haligtree Prayer Room

To complete the next part of the quest you need to find Millicent at three locations. At each of these locations you need to speak to her. The locations she is found in Sites of Grace along your journey. The order to visit is as follows:

  1. Windmill Heights (Dominula, Windmill Village in Altus Plateau): Next to Windmill Heights Site of Grace at top of village where Godskin Apostle boss fight is.
  2. Ancient Snow Valley Ruins (Mountaintops of the Giants): Next to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace.
  3. Prayer Room (Miquella’s Haligtree): Leaning against a pillar inside the Prayer Room

At each of the Site of Grace locations listed above speak to Millicent. This sets up the next part of the quest. For this next part you need to help Millicent.

Defeat the Putrid Avatar Near the Drainage Channel

Continue forward through the castle until you go through the basement/drainage area. Here you will eventually arrive at the Drainage Channel Site of Grace. Grab this site then head back the way you came and go up the ladder there. At the top of the ladder look to your right and you will find a path going up to the right. Go up this path then cross over the tree to a pool of scarlet rot. Go into the pool and defeat the Putrid Avatar there.

Get summoned into Millicent’s World and Defeat Her Sisters

When you defeat the Putrid Avatar a summon sign appears on the west side of the arena you fought in. Use this summon to go into Millicent’s world. Help her defeat her sisters in this world. There are four sisters you need to defeat to clear this part of the quest. Defeat all four of the sisters to return to your world. You receive the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia. Speak to Millicent who is on the southwest side of the pool.

Image showing where to find Millicent after you complete her invasion.

Go back to the Drainage Channel Site of Grace and reload the world. Return to where Millicent was. The Unalloyed Gold Needle is where her body was. Pick it up and continue down to the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace.

Defeat Malenia, Blade of Miquella

At the very bottom of the level you encounter the boss Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Defeat her in battle then reload the area by sitting at the Site of Grace. Return the Unalloyed Gold Needle by approaching the Scarlet Aeonia in the middle of the room. You receive Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and Miquella’s Needle.

This ends the Millicent questline in Elden Ring. If you wish you can return to Gowry at Gowry’s Shack to hear some additional dialogue. The item you receive from this quest, Miquella’s Needle, can be used to subdue the Flame of Frenzy (which is part of an ending).

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