How to Earn Realm Currency in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact players can now own their own property thanks to update 1.5’s new Serenitea Pot gadget. This special gadget takes players to a special sub-realm that features a house that can be furnished an customized. To customize this property players need to spend a new currency called Realm Currency. Getting this currency is a tad bit confusing so we’ve put together this guide. Continue reading below to learn how to earn Realm Currency in Genshin Impact.

Where to Get Realm Currency

Image showing Tubby's Jar of Riches in Genshin Impact.

Once you have your realm up and running you will quickly learn that you need a new currency. The new currency is Realm Currency and it is used to purchase items from Tubby and the traveling teapot merchant. The Realm Currency is a passive currency that accumulates over time. As it accumulates it banks in Tubby’s Jar of Riches. To access this jar follow these steps:

  1. Speak to Tubby and select “Trust Rank.”
  2. Press button prompt on golden jar.
  3. Collect Realm Currency.

Upon receiving your Realm Currency the Jar of Riches will be empty. To fill it you need to wait the allotted time which starts at 4/hrs. Like other things in your sub-realm this acquisition rate can be improved by way of upgrades.

How to Earn More Realm Currency

The starting accumulation rate for Realm Currency is pretty slow. To improve this you need to acquire Adeptal Energy in your realm this can be done by placing furnishings in various parts of your realm. To learn more about this you want to open up the Highest Adeptal Energy screen on Tubby’s Trust Rank screen. This will show you both the unlocks and locations you can place items to earn more energy. This screen is very important so be sure to consult it. Increasing your energy improves your accumulation rate.

Increasing the accumulation rate is not the only way to earn more Realm Currency. You also want to improve your Trust Rank. Each time you level your Trust Rank you increase the amount of Max Realm Currency that can be held in the Jar of Riches. This means you can accumulate more currency over time. The max Trust Rank is 10 and it unlocks the ability to bank 2400 MRC.

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