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Thanks to the recent Update 1.5 in Genshin Impact players can now unlock their own spaces. These spaces can be decorated as the player desires with a variety of furniture items. Before you can do any of that it’s important you know how to unlock housing. The Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot guide will walk you through this new gameplay addition.

How to Unlock Player Houses in Genshin Impact

The first question you probably have is how? How do I unlock a space of my own inside Genshin Impact. Well the answer to this question is simple, but requires a bit of effort. Like other things in the game there are prerequisites to unlocking this game system. The requirements to receive the player housing quest are to be Adventure Rank 35+ and have completed the main story quest A New Star Approaches. Once both of these requirements are met you will be able to complete a new quest called A Teapot to Call Home.

Complete A Teapot to Call Home Quest Part I

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This special event quest consist of multiple parts to complete. The steps are fairly simple. Completing all the steps in this quest earns you the special item called the Serenitea Pot. This item allows you to visit your player housing (more on that later). The parts to this quest are as follows:

  1. Talk to Madame Ping.
  2. Talk to Krosl.
  3. Speak to Zhiqiao.
  4. Discuss the situation with Krosl.
  5. Find a convenient place to talk to Zhiqiao.
  6. Talk to Shitou.
  7. Look for Debris.
  8. Report back to Shitou.
  9. Talk to Xingxi.
  10. Talk to Baizhu.
  11. Speak to Krosl.
  12. Talk to Madame Ping.

All of the above objects involve running around Liyue Harbor speaking to different people. Once you’ve done the listed steps above you will receive the Serenitea Pot. This Key Object allows you to visit a sub-realm that features your property. This will become the next part of the quest line.

Complete A Teapot to Call Home Quest Part II

Image showing Tubby in Genshin Impact.

Once you have the Serenitea Pot you will start the second part of the quest. This second portion of the quest tasks you with using the Gadget. Like other Gadgets you need to access the Gadget menu then Place the Serenitea Pot. Once the Serenitea Pot is placed interact with it to enter the sub-realm. On the Realm screen you will be prompted to select from three realms:

  • Floating Abode.
  • Emerald Peak.
  • Cool Isle.

Before deciding keep in mind you can preview each realm to learn a bit more about them. Once you are ready choose the realm you want to build in to be taken to the realm via the teapot.

Inside the chosen realm you will see your house before you. On the porch of the home is an NPC. Walk over to this character and speak to it to learn it is Tubby, the teapot spirit. After this interaction you will complete the quest, but there is plenty more to do.

How to Decorate Your Realm in Genshin Impact

So now that you have a realm that is yours it is time to dive into making it more unique. This customization can be accomplished by using blueprints to build different furniture and other home stylings or purchasing furnishings directly. Both of these tasks can be completed by speaking to Tubby. When you speak to him select the Realm Depot option to be taken to a store of sorts which has three categories:

  • Realm Treasures.
  • Furnishings.
  • Furnishing Blueprints.

To purchase any of the items within the three categories listed above you need to spend a new currency called Realm Currency. This currency accumulates every 4/hrs in Tubby’s Jar of Riches. With this currency you can purchase blueprints for furnishings or furnishings themselves.

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