How to Decorate Your Room in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

In Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players unlock the ability to decorate their room in the hub world of Seliana. To help you use this feature, check out our how to decorate room guide below.

Reach Seliana

Image showing the starting quest that leads to Seliana.

To start you need to reach the new hub area known as Seliana. This area can be reached after completing the mission with the Handler in the Ancient Forest. After this mission you will arrive in Hoarfrost Reach. Complete the first hunt here and you will reach Seliana.

Decorating your Room

Image showing how to redecorate your room in Seliana.

Once you’ve reached Seliana you can make your way to your room (accessible through the Gathering Hub). Inside your room you will meet the Housekeeper. There will be a brief tutorial regarding decorating this room. Basically you have a few options in Room Customization:

  • Use pre-fab designs. This redecoration with the click of a button. Pretty simple.
  • Change individual pieces in the room like wallpaper, table, bed, rugs, plants, etc. More flexibility, but more work as well.

As you progress the story you will unlock more items for your room. There are also bounties that reward decor pieces, so keep an eye out for those as well.

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