How to Start Monster Hunter World Iceborne

The first expansion for Monster Hunter: World is finally upon us. Inside this expansion there are a number of new monsters to hunt, armors to craft, and areas to explore. If you don’t know how to start this new expansion, fear not. Below I will show you how to start Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Important: You need to have beaten the main story of Monster Hunter: World.

Speak to Feisty Fiver in Astera

Image showing speaking to the Feisty Fiver in Astera.

When you startup Monster Hunter World for the first time (after installing Iceborne) you will be met with a tutorial screen showing a new investigation saying “A Legiana has been sighted in the Ancient Forest.” This new investigation kicks off by speaking with the Feisty Fiver located left of the Tradeyard quest board in Astera.

Complete Investigation in Ancient Forest

Image showing the investigation in the Ancient Forest.

The investigation starts with your entering the Ancient Forest. Here you need to follow the Handler until a number of cutscenes trigger. After these cutscenes you will unlock the new Master Rank difficulty. After the investigation you will return to Astera.

Speak with the Commander

Image showing me speaking to the Commander.

Back in Astera make your way over to the Commander and speak with him. After speaking with the Commander you will head to a new DLC area called “Hoarfrost Reach.” Complete the hunt of Beotodus to complete the first Iceborne quest then you will head off to Selina, the new hub area.

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