How to Access Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC Items

If you picked up Monster Hunter World Iceborne, there are some DLC items available to you. These DLC bonuses range from armor sets and charms, to things like gestures and face paints (Deluxe Edition). Below you will find how to access Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC items.

How To Access Yukumo and Silver Knight Layered Armor Sets

Image showing how to claim your Layered Armor sets.

If you pre-ordered Monster Hunter World: Iceborne you will receive the Yukumo layered armor set. This set and the Digital Deluxe Silver Knight layered armor set can be accessed in your Living Quarters through the Housekeeper. Speak to the Housekeeper and Claim Add-On & Bonuses to find both Layered Armor Sets.

Stickers, Gestures, Face Paint, Hairstyle, and Decor Set

Image showing the add-on content.

There are a number of Stickers, Gestures, Face Paints, Hairstyles, and Decor Sets attached to this DLC update. The Stickers and Gestures can be found under the Communication tab. The Face Paint and Hairstyles can be equipped through your Item Box under the Change Appearance tab. Lastly the Decor Set can be placed in your room in Seliana.

How to Apply Avatars and Themes

Image showing a new Monster Hunter World Iceborne PS4 theme.

On the PS4 there are a number couple of themes and avatars for people to apply to their consoles if they so desire. Your Avatar can be accessed under the Profile > … > Edit Profile > Avatar. Your theme can be changed by accessing Settings > Theme.

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