How to Access the Conflict Mode in The Division 2

Conflict is a new PvP mode in The Division 2. In this mode players face off against each other in teams for four with normalized stats. Below I will show you how to access the Conflict mode in The Division 2.

Accessing Conflict Mode

There are two ways to access Conflict mode in The Division 2:

Accessing Conflict Mode via the Menu

Accessing Conflict Mode via the Menu
The Conflict game mode can be accessed through the menu.

To access Conflict mode through the menu, open your map and scroll to the left using L1. You should see a skull and crossbones with The Division symbol on it. On this page you can Quickplay Conflict mode. You can also view you Conflict Level from this screen as well as well as Conflict stats.

Accessing Conflict Mode via NPC at Base of Operations

If you don’t feel like using your menu, you can speak with an NPC at the Base of Operations instead. The NPC I am talking about is located on the southeast corner of the White House lawn. Speak with this NPC to open the same screen you would access through your menu.

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