How to Access Call of Duty Modern Warfare DLC Items

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is now out and with its release comes a slew of DLC and pre-order items for players to grab. To help you access everything you are owed, we’ve thrown together a quick how to access Call of Duty Modern Warfare DLC items guide below.

Where to Find the XRK Weapon Pack

Image showing the XRK Weapon Pack.

If you pre-ordered the game you will receive the XRK Weapons Pack . The XRK Weapons Pack contains the following two weapons for you to unlock:

  • XRK M4
  • XRK .357

You can unlock these two weapons from the Armory tab on the multiplayer screen. Interact with armor and you will see the XRK M4 under Assault Rifle and the XRK .357 under pistol.

To equip the weapons you need to reach level 4 so you have access to Loadouts. Once you’ve done this you can equip the XRK weapons into your Loadout by entering Loadout and going to Primary Weapon Select and the M4A1 (right over to Armory then equip XRK M4) and Secondary Weapon Select the .357 (right over to armory to equip XRK .357).

Where to Find the Custom Tactical Knife

Image showing the Blue Silence knife.

All editions of the game received a Custom in-game Tactical Knife. This knife can be found in the Armory under the Melee tab. The knife is called Blue Silence.

To equip the weapons you need to reach level 4 so you have access to Loadouts. Once you are level 4 make your way to Loadout. Select the secondary weapon and highlight melee. Go to the right on combat knife to reach the armory and equip the Blue Silence.

How to Access Operator Packs & Weapons

Image showing how to change your Operator's look.

If you grabbed the Operator Enhanced/Operator Edition of the game you receive some bonus Operator Packs. These Operator Packs are as follows:

  • Crew Expendable (Operator Enhanced Edition).
  • All Ghillied Up (Operator & Operator Enhanced Edition).
  • War Pig (Operator Enhanced Edition).

To access your Operator Packs simply go to the Operators menu in Multiplayer. On the screen navigate to Coalition and access it. Select Otter (SAS) and choose to customize to equip the Crew Expendable suit; navigate to Wyatt (Warcom) to equip War Pigs. Go back to the previous screen and select Allegiance. Customize Grinch and select the All Ghillied Up suit.

The weapons related to each Operator can be found in the Armory. The 1337 Skeet is a shotgun, the Grassy Knoll is a sniper rifle, and the Javelina is a handgun. These weapons can be equipped once you have Loadouts unlocked.

Where are the 3,000 Call of Duty Points

Image showing the Points added to my account.

Those who dropped the serious coinage on the Operator Enhanced Edition receive 3,000 Call of Duty Points. These points should be credited to your account as soon as you enter the multiplayer mode.

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5 responses

  1. Greg says:

    Same issues as above with no response from Microsoft or Activision

  2. Tyler says:

    Yeah the problem with this guide is it dont tell us why the dlc is broken and we dont have any of the items that it thinks we have. Yes “pre ordered the operator enhanced edition” and yes i downloaded the file. Also yes i no how to navigate all you menus throughout your game. I love how this guided just awsomes im to incompetent to be able to find this stuff. The problem isnt finding it. The problem is that it simply isnt therr at all i meet all the requirements yet i dont have it. The DLC is glitched broken corupted whatever it is but trust me its not an issue pn my end. I just didnt get what i paid for and apperently no one is trying to figure out whats wrong and if you are at least let us know if you are.

  3. Runi says:

    I’m having the same problem. No blueprint or armory access. $99.99 for this bs. Anyone have a solution yet.

  4. Justin smith says:

    Hey great article! Having an issue with getting my xrk weapons. Pre ordered the operator enhanced and no M4 or 357 variant is shown. Any ideas as to why maybe a glitch in the game? I received my 3k cod points but nothing in the armory comes up besides the hammer. No m4, 357 or knife. Let me know any ideas please. The m4 is sick!

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