Call of Duty Modern Warfare: How to Change Activision Name

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In Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019), your Ativision name serves as your identifier to the world. Take enricofairme#5913545 for example. This is my name in-game. It sucks. Why all the numbers? Why can’t I just be enricofairme? Well I put together this guide to show you how to change that. Follow the steps below to learn how to change Activision name. Let’s get started.

How to Change Your Activision Name in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

First off you need to have access to a web browser. Once you have access make your way to the Modern Warfare’s Official Website or Activision’s Website.

On whichever website you chose, login to your account that is associated with Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Once logged in make your way to your profile and select Basic Info.

The Basic Info page is home to a number of pieces of basic information like your Full Name, Email Address, Address, etc. What we want here is the Activision ID which can be found at the bottom of the Basic Info panel. To the right of your ID there is an edit button. Push it.

Here you can decide what your display ID should be. When I interacted with it, it immediately offered me enricofairme (which is my tag). I selected save and was prompted to input my password. Once this was done my new ID was now enricofairme minus all the numbers.

How to Disable Unique ID Numbers in Game

Image showing how to disable Unique ID Numbers in game.

If your Activision ID is not original, you may find a number of other people posses the same name as you. in this case the numbering after your name cannot be dropped.

This may be a bummer to you, so I recommend turning off Display Unique ID Numbers if you don’t wish this to see this in-game. To turn off the numbers access Multiplayer. Select options > Account and Disable Unique ID Numbers. Doing this doesn’t change how your ID is viewed, but it does change how you see everyone’s in game.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change your Activision Name in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The action needed on your part is relatively simple.

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