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The first mission in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) campaign is called Fog of War. This mission places players in the role of Alex as he and a group of Marine Raiders attempt to locate a gas being held in factory in Verdansk. To help you complete this mission, check out our Fog of War guide below.

Note: Complete this mission to unlock an XP Token for use in Multiplayer.

Scout the Facility

Image showing the Scout the Facility objective.

After you repel out of the helicopter you will be tasked with scouting a facility. To start make your way through the forest with the Marine Raiders. Once you reach the edge of the forest you will run into two enemy Mercs. Your teammates will take them out and you will then be able to walk over to the edge overlooking the Facility.

At the edge you will be prompted to equip your Spotter Scope. Do this and look at the front gate. A large truck will move through then a second vehicle will follow. Look at the rail yard and then Call in Airstrike on the facility.

Locate Barkov’s Gas

Image showing the building leading to the Rail Yard.

After the Airstrike turn to the right and enter the door the Marines will open. Follow the marines through the destroyed room down to the forest below. Wait for the enemies to approach and take them out. Head down and into the Facility. Head through the courtyard to the building with the red door. Wait for the Marines to breach then go inside. Grab some Frag Grenades in this room.

Image showing where to complete the Nothing but Net achievement.

Achievement Alert: Nothing but Net – Neutralize the ‘Fog of War’ machine gun with a frag grenade.

After you breach the next door you will enter the rail yard. In the far corner of the rail yard there is a mounted MG. This MG can be destroyed using a Frag Grenade to unlock the Nothing but Net achievement. The simplest way of doing this is to make your way through the train cars, using them as cover. Once you reach the other side, head into the small room there. Clear the way and toss grenades up to the platform where the MG is located. Simple as that.

Once the MG is gone make your way to the right of the MG into the next area with the different buildings in it. Take out any enemies that appear then follow the Marines to the locked blast door. You will don a mask as the door is opened. Once the door opens the enemies kill the power, plunging your team into darkness. Turn on your flashlight and make your way through this room. Take out the enemies that appear and reach the Power Switch. Turn the power back on and wait for the Marines to open the next door.

Secure Barkov’s Gas

Image showing where to swab the Gas.

Head inside the next room and swab the contents in the back of the truck. Leave the room and jump inside the jeep waiting there. As soon as you leave you will be ambushed resulting in the killing of your entire squad. The ambushers will steal the truck with the chemicals and you will be able to do nothing about it. You will watch a couple of cut scenes following the mission. After the cut scenes you will start the next mission called Piccadilly.

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