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After completing the first mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019), you will travel to London for the next mission called Piccadilly. In this mission you are tasked with attempting to stop a terrorist attack in London. To complete this mission check out our Piccadilly guide below.


  • Complete this mission to unlock Operator Thorne.
  • Achievement: Trigger Discipline – Do not injure any civilians in ‘Piccadilly’. This basically means don’t shoot anyone but enemies. Pretty simple.

Look out for Suspicious Activity/Maintain the Rules of Engagement

Image showing the White Van in Piccadilly.

When you start the mission you and your team will be sitting in some cars on the street in London. While sitting in the vehicle a White Van will pass by with obvious explosive inside. You and the crew will jump out and rush towards the van. Two hostiles will jump out of the van and the van will peel away. It will explode.

Neutralize Terrorists

Image showing enemies in Piccadilly.

After the explosion you will get thrown to the pavement. At this point combat will begin. Remember if you wish to unlock the achievement you need to be careful where you are shooting. Do not shoot at civilians.

Make your way forward and you will see a number of terrorists attacking civilians. In this area there are a number of civilians around so make your shots count. Once the area is clear head down into the Piccadilly station. In the station you will see some hostages. They will get shot by the terrorists. Take out the terrorists and return to the top side.

Topside you will see a number of enemies in the square. Head to the left and go inside the bookstore. Make your way up to the second floor and clear out the terrorists there. Return to the street above and take out the enemies there. Follow the police over to the other side of the square. At this point a suicide bomber will run out of the Tanto Building. Take him out then go into the building.

Check the Tanto Building for Hostages

Image showing the Tanto building in PIccadilly.

Move the debris and head inside the Tanto Building. When you move the debris you will get attacked. Price will appear and save you. Follow Price into the building. On the second floor of the building there is a short cut scene. This ends the mission. The next mission starts called Embedded.

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