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Once you’ve cleared London you will transport to Aqtabi to start the next mission called Embedded. In this mission you help a revolutionary group fight back against the Russians who are occupying their city. To help you do this use our Embedded guide below.

Note: Complete this mission to unlock an XP Token in multiplayer.

Follow Farah

Image showing the tunnel you follow Farah through.

At the start of the mission you will be tasked with following the NPC named Farah as you make your way through a tunnel. At the end of a tunnel there is a ladder. Before heading up the ladder grab the explosives. Go up the ladder and continue to follow Farah. Grab the Civilian Disguise from the table and then head outside with your weapon concealed.

Get Through Building

Carrying the cinder block into the building.

Achievement Alert: Companion Block – Only use one cinder block and bring to to the end of ‘Embedded’.

Follow Farah through the streets until you are split up. Head to the left and grab a cinder block. Go inside the building and Farah will start attacking enemies. Use the cinder block on enemies and continue forward. If you wish to unlock this achievement keep the cinder block on your character through the whole mission. Note you can put it down and pick it up again when need to, so use this to your advantage while moving through the level.

Follow Farah

Image showing where to find the Oil Filter.

Follow Farah into the next area. She will head to the tailgate of the truck here. There are a couple of enemies by the door here, so you will need to grab a silencer. Head to the garage and interact with oil filter in the car there to add a silencer to your pistol. Return to Farah and head right along the the truck. Take out the enemies when signaled to do so.

Head inside the building and take out the three enemies. Farah will grab the explosives and will head outside. Walk through the square with her and she will enter another building. She will go up a ladder here. You don’t have to go up the ladder, but can instead go out the door to the right and up a ramp here.

Plant Explosives

Drop the cinder block (if you’ve been carrying it) by Farah then head over to the two helicopters you need to plant explosives on. There are multiple ways to reach the helicopters so I will live that up to you, but reach both helicopters and plant the explosives on each.

Meet with Farah

Return to Farah and pick up your cinder block if you want. Follow Farah into the building then detonate the explosives. This causes the helicopters to explode. Leave the building and follow Farah through the streets. Things get a little crazy with explosives triggering all around you. Eventually you will run back into a building. After exiting this building you will end up in the field of dead bodies.

Image showing where to get the Play Dead achievement.

Achievement Alert: Play Dead – Kill all the enemies in the ‘Embedded’ field of dead bodies.

In this area you can either Play Dead by laying prone, or open fire on the enemies. To get the achievement you need to kill all the enemies that enter the field of dead bodies. The easiest way to do this is to use the truck as cover. Shouldn’t be to hard to complete (especially since the checkpoint is as you enter).

After you’ve made your way through the field of dead bodies you will travel back to the tunnel at the start of the mission. This ends the mission and triggers a cut scene. The next mission is called Proxy War.

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    Fun fact oil filters actually do make pretty good suppressors. You do need to have the proper thread adaptor to put on the end of the cap though so it will fit the male thread on your firearm’s extended and threaded barrel. And even then they are only good for a few dozen shots.

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