How Long to Beat Chernobylite

Chernobylite starting screen.

The first-person horror shooter survival title Chernobylite places players in control of Igor, a scientist. Igor formally worked in the power plant and returns 30 years later to find his missing fiancée. Before Igor can find her he must build a crew and bank resources to ensure his operation is a success. But how long will this operation take exactly? Here’s how long to beat Chernobylite.

Chernobylite Game Length

How long it takes to beat Chernobylite depends on a few factors. The first factor is difficulty. There are a number of difficulties in the game that make completing it a bit more time consuming. For the sake of giving an exact time I will use the normal difficulty I played the game on. The second factor is completionist vs non-completionist. I fully completed the game, unlocking 100% of the achievements.

The total time it took me to beat Chernobylite was 30 hours. This time includes playing through the entire storyline, building up my base with every available building item, and completing all the character side missions. I also ran the Heist multiple times to see what changed with the choices you can make. I would safely say the game can be completed in 25 hours give or take a few depending on other factors.

At a cost of ~$20 USD, the game is well worth the price of admissions. The mixture of gameplay mechanics works fairly well and is competently made. If you like this style of game consider picking it up.

Let me know your Chernobylite completion time in the comments below.



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