Chernobylite Heist Guide, How to Get All Endings Unlocked

The end goal of Chernobylite is to complete the heist at the end of the game. This heist tasks you with putting together a rag-tag group of companions to complete. Once you feel you are ready to start the heist you can set out on it. For help completing it see our Chernobylite Heist guide below.

Chernobylite Heist Requirements

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Once you reach The Refuge you will learn about the Heist. The Heist is what Igor calls the mission to infiltrate the power plant to rescue Tatyana. There are no requirements to start the Heist. You can attempt it solo if you wish. With that said you can increase your probability of completing it by gathering the following.

  • 5x Team Members.
  • 5x Tools.
  • 4x Investigations conducted.

The list above can be completed by simply playing through the game. Everything you need for the Heist comes from completing side missions mostly. The only thing to watch out for is keeping people happy. Our timeline decision guide will help you do that.

Who to Select for the Heist Positions

Image showing the setup for Chernobylite heist and who to pick.
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Once you are ready to begin the Heist interact with the board to start it. Before you can do the Heist you need to do a bit of planning. Mainly you need to pick who does what. There are five positions for you to set and my suggestions are:

  • 2x Infiltrator: Olivier, Sashko.
  • Technician: Tarakan.
  • Sniper: Olga.
  • Spy: Mikhail.

This party works well and allows you to complete everything listed below without them having to leave or dying. This is the party I used and it got me to the end without any deaths.

How to Complete the Heist with No Deaths

After you’ve set the team you can start the mission. The missions will task you with making decisions as you advance through the powerplant. These decisions are based on the roles you selected for each of the Companions. The decisions I made to make it through are listed below.

  1. Pretend to be a prisoner.
  2. Overload the gates.
  3. Kill the sniper.
  4. Cut the power.
  5. Have sniper kill them all.
  6. Agree to the spy plan.
  7. Use alternate passage.
  8. Blast way through with Sashko’s explosives.
  9. Rescue Koslov’s nephew during story quest On the Other Side of the Barricade. Tell Koslov where to find him during Hard Truth and he will appear on the inside to help you by calling off the guards.

If you follow the steps listed above you will arrive in a room that has Tatyana in it. Approach her then speak to her to trigger an interaction. After this interaction Olivier will appear. He is a double-agent working for Semonov. You will talk it out with Olivier.

Once this interaction is complete follow the quest markers to head deeper into the reactor. Eventually you will reach Black Stalker. Answer that you came to Save Tatyana. Reveal that he is Boris to learn more about the character.

Black Stalker Boss Fight and Endings

Black Stalker boss fight in Chernobylite.
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After the revelation of who the Black Stalker is you will need to complete a boss battle against him. This boss battle takes place across three phases. The three phases fight is fairly standard fps fare. Black Stalker uses portals to appear alongside clones around the arena. When he or his clones appears shoot them. In the second phase the Black Stalker will continue to appear out of portals, but a new Black Stalker will appear and slam down an explosive AOE attack. Just keep doing your thing until phase three which adds enemy mutants to the battlefield.

Once you defeat all three phases you will head to the Fractal Plane. Here you will encounter the Black Stalker again. He will walk towards you. Wait for him to get close and then he will grab you. You will cut his mask off during the scuffle. Olivier will then appear and will save your life. Olivier will then leave. Go through the portal that appears. On the other side speak to the Black Stalker and choose to either Destroy the Portal or Travel through the Portal.

Destroy the Portal (Good Ending)

If you pick this option Igor pulls a lever that destroys the portal. Once the portal is destroyed you need to double back through the facility to escape. When you reach the area with Tatyana the game will end and you will see images of Chernobyl and the outcome your decisions had on it and your companions. Roll credits.

Travel through the Portal (Bad Ending)

If you pick this option you can enter the portal in the room. On the other side you walk along a path featuring all of the Companions and NPCs you met during your playthrough. You betrayed and killed them all in this ending and they let you know about it. At the end of the path make your way to the tree and use the crystal there. There is a long exposition dump here. At the end you can:

  • Commune with chernobylite: Chernobylite takes over your body. Monsters appear more often in the Zone pushing it into further warfare. You then see what happened to your Companions.
  • Reject chernobylite: You stab yourself at the crystal disrupting the plan.

Regardless of which ending you choose the credits will roll after you’ve seen what happens to your companions. The game will end and you can reload your save to try other options. There are no ending specific achievements to unlock. You just have to get one of them. There is also no NG+.

Thoughts on our Chernobylite Heist guide and look at the game’s endings? Let me hear them in the comments below.


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