Chernobylite Fractal Timeline Guide, Choices to Keep Everyone Around

One of the most important parts of Chernobylite is the variety of decisions you can make during your playthrough. These decisions play a critical part in setting up the game’s ending heist. If you make incorrect decisions you will end up losing team members without seeing the game’s real ending. To help you ensure you reach that ending use our Chernobylite Fractal Timeline guide below.

What is the Fractal Timeline

Image of the fractal Timeline in Chernobylite.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

The Fractal Timeline is a special location you will visit when you die in the game. This location features all of the choices you can make in the game’s various questlines. There are 12 decisions on the right side of the timeline and 11 decisions on the left side. Each decision has a crystal in-front of it. To change the decision you made interact with the crystal.

Some important notes to make about the Fractal Timeline are that each decision change costs 3x Chernobylite. Also it is possible to kill a timeline, which traps you inside the Fractal Timeline unless you change it. This is denoted by a Red colored crystal. There can also be Yellow crystals which I’m not sure the significance of (let me know in the comments below).

Prepping for Fractal Timeline Management

If you are deep in a playthrough and wish to manage your Fractal Timeline there are a few things you can do to make your life simpler. These tips below will allow you to fairly easily switch your timeline around with minimal effort on your part.

  • Step 1: Grow and build out your garden full of Herbs and Mushrooms. These garden boxes will produce these resource once per day allowing you to stack this vital resource for making Chernobylite. The sooner you start the more you can accumulate.
  • Step 2: Build a Radiation a Chamber. This device allows you to end your life without losing any items. This makes visiting the Fractal Timeline cost nothing.
  • Step 3: Build a Chernobylite Synthesizer. This device allows you to create Chernobylite on demand. The cost is 3x Mushrooms and 3x Herbs each one created.

Following the steps above will allow you to create a fairly easy method of managing your Fractal Timeline. The Garden allows you to passively generate resources to make Chernobylite. You can then use your Radiation Chamber to enter the Fractal Timeline to spend the Chernobylite on changing decisions.

How to Keep All 5 Companions for the Heist

Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

The goal of the Fractal Timeline is to ensure you don’t anger Companions so they leave. This means you need to manage your people effectively. To keep everyone around keep the relationship at Bad or higher level. The path I took for decisions to make this happen is as follows (there may be other paths you can take).

Left SideRight Side
A Memento From the Past

– Destroy Duga Radar.
Weapon Transport

– Agree with Olivier and don’t blow it up.
Meeting with Tarakan

– Ignore Tarakan and look through documents.
Old Documents

– Prime his traps.
The Crumb Trail

– Ask Tarakan to join after saving him.
Hacking Into Nar Servers

– Ignore Mikhail and search for data about Tatyana.
A Few Things From an Old Hideout

– Download the data.
Mikhail in Trouble

– Ask him to join you.
An Old Friend

– Confirm.

– Spend medicine.
Chain Reaction

– Decline Surrender.
Some Excuses

– Spare Semonov.
Big Fish

1- Reluctantly agree to shoot down helicopter.
2- Kill Georgiy Semonov (very important).
The Final Exam

– Ask Sashko to join you.

– Let him go.
Hardware for Real Men

– Use the detonator.
A Voice in the Woods

1- Free Konstanty.
2- Don’t help Konstanty by giving food.
3- Ask Olga to join.
Checkpoint Assault

– Don’t blow up the checkpoint.
On the Other Side of the Barricade

– Release Glyeb.
Koslov Kidnapping

1- Attempt to kidnap Koslov.
3- Cut the power.
4- Abduct Koslov.
5- Let Koslov go.
The Truth About Nar’s Experiments

– Erase data.
Hard Truth

1-Tell Koslov the Truth.
2- Let Olivier stay.
Black Stalker

– Reveal, who he is.

If you follow the decisions laid out above and complete the Investigation Cases in The Refuge you will be ready to complete the Heist. This makes it easy to get the best ending.

Thoughts on our Chernobylite Fractal Timeline guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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9 responses

  1. andy72st says:

    Bug reprt: Crumb trail mission, when i kill the soldiers in order to save Tarakan, he remains in a “combat state,” he doesn’t talk to me and the marker is where he was (grave). Anyone now how to fix this?
    P.S. I play on PS4.

  2. Michael Barber says:

    How do you kill semenov then spare him one line over and a box down from the helicopter mission

    • Eli McLean says:

      The Some Excuses mission occurs before shooting down the helicopter. I’ve updated the table to hopefully make it less confusing.

  3. Michael says:

    I lost tarakan after the black stalker mission is that normal I thought you kept everyone for he heist

  4. Matthew marshall says:

    How was the understanding you were not supposed to put up a fight you were supposed to surrender, you were supposed to leave semenov alive, and Not sure down the helicopter

  5. Tar says:


    This leads to Olivier getting killed in the last mission. Normally Semonov would help you, but not with these decisions. One or two are wrong.

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