Honkai Star Rail Survival Wisdom Treasure Map

During the Survival Wisodm mission in Honkai Star Rail players receive a treasure map from Sampo. This treasure map shows a specific location players need to visit in order to find treasure. If you are having issues finding the treasure this guide will help. Below I walk you through how to find the Honkai Star Rail Survival Wisdom Treasure Map treasure.

Find the Treasure According to the Treasure Map

After you’ve collected the two mining tools for Sampo you can return them to him to receive a Treasure Map as your rewards. This starts the next step of the quest which is to find the treasure according to the Treasure Map. To bring up the map use R or tap the map icon in the bottom right of the screen. This shows a location in the Great Mine we need to visit.

Honkai Star Rail Survival Wisdom Treasure Map.
Go to this location in the Great Overlook area.

To find this location make your way to the Great Overlook area. In this area go north then west so you are heading towards the location marked on the Treasure Map. You will arrive in an area with three tents. To the left of the three tents you will see a glimmering barrel. Interact with this barrel to inspect it. You will learn Sampo fooled you and will receive the Anti-Dust Mask item.

Take the Anti-Dust Mask and make your way back to Sampo. Speak to him and he will apologize for lying to you about the treasure. As payment he gives you the Real Treasure Map. This Real Treasure Map leads to actual treasure, not mining tools.

The Treasure Maps are not the only things players can find while exploring the world. There is a trash can that quizzes players on trash and even a trash can profile picture to find. See both guides for help with those.

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