Hogwarts Legacy Locked Doors

Hogwarts Legacy Lock Level 1.

In Hogwarts Legacy locked doors are a common occurrence in the school Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. A lot of these locked doors keep you out of rooms with some very good items. It is in your best interest to open these doors, but getting that point takes a bit of time. To learn more about locked doors and what to do about them, read our guide below.

When Do You Learn Alohomora

Learning lockpick spell Alohmora.
Gladwin Moon teaches you the lockpicking spell, Alohomora.

If you’ve played any type of RPG you will know that lockpicking is a genre staple. Hogwarts Legacy also features a lockpicking system that a player can use to open locked doors. This system is based around a magic spell the player doesn’t get until they start the story mission called The Cartaker’s Lunar Lament. At the start of this mission Gladwin Moon teaches you the Alohomora spell that allows you to pick Level 1 locks. This mission occurs about 8ish hours into the game.

How to Pick Locks

Once you have the Alohomora spell unlocked you can start picking Level 1 locks you find in the world. Picking locks in the game is fairly simple, but not really well explained. To start the lock picking process approach the lock you want to pick and interact with it. This brings up the screen shown above.

Hogwarts Legacy lockpick screen.
This lock is opened.

To pick a lock you need to use the Green and Red Sparks on the lock screen. Move the Red Spark into a slot on the interior ring. Rotate the interior ring slowly until you find the spot where the gears in the middle are rotating and a red dot appears. Hold there. Do the same process for the Green Spark but place it into the outer ring. Rotate until the exterior gear begins to turn and a green dot appears. Hold both in position and the lock will open.

How to Pick Level 2 and Level 3 Locks

Levelling up Alohomora to Level 2.
You need to level up Alohomora to pick higher level locks.

Before you can pick Level 2 and Level 3 Locks you need to first complete a couple of tasks for Gladwin Moon to level up your Alohomora spell. For each upgrade of the spell you need to collect a certain number of Demiguise for him. The amount is:

  • Level 2: 9 Demiguise.
  • Level 3: 13 Demiguise.

Each time you collect the required amount, return to Gladwin Moon and give him the Demiguise you’ve collected. He will upgrade your spell to the higher level. This allows you to then open those higher level locks. The higher level locks are picked the same way.

That’s all you need to know about picking locks in Hogwarts Legacy. The main thing to focus on is advancing the main campaign. Once you do that you can begin to pick locks and explore new areas.

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