Heal Eivor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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Ubisoft has changed how healing works in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Instead of slowly regaining your health while not in combat players now need to use the new healing system to ensure Eivor is consistently at full health. This new system has a number of aspects I will walk you through below. Continue reading to learn how to heal Eivor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Ways of Healing Eivor in AC: Valhalla

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Instead of passively returning health to Eivor while out of battle you will need to find health items to use on Eivor. These health items come in a variety of forms and have different uses and benefits. The ways of healing Eivor in the game are as follows:

  • Fishing: You can build the Fisherman’s hut in your settlement in England to unlock the fishing rod. With this item equipped you can fish in water. If you don’t want to use the fishing rod simple jump into water and melee fish instead. After you catch a fish you can eat it for health.
  • Food: Foraging different food items like berries and mushrooms from in the wild, or food from pots is one way of healing. When a food item is collected you will restore some health and fill up your Rations.
  • Rations: Rations are acquired by gathering food or fish while at full health. Rations you have can be used whenever you wish by pressing right on the D-Pad. Rations heal better than food or fish.
  • Sleeping: There is a bed you can sleep in at the Longhouse in your settlement in England. Sleeping in this bed restores you to full health.

These methods of healing are the core ways of ensuring Eivor remains in good health. The shift away from healing while out of combat makes it necessary to actually carry rations on your character to ensure you have healing readily available. This means constantly foraging for food and fishing which is a nice addition to the game.

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