Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Skald’s Rest Altar Guide

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One of the mysteries you will encounter in Dublin is Skald’s Altar. This mystery tasks you with gathering 50 delicacies to place on the altar as a tribute. This tribute will complete the mystery. So how do you go about acquiring these delicacies? Our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Skald’s Rest Altar guide below will show you just that.

How to Get 50 Delicacies in Wrath of the Druids

Image showing getting goods from the Dublin chest in Ireland.

Delicacies are a new good players can acquire in AC Valhalla‘s DLC the Wrath of the Druids. This good comes from a variety of sources so acquiring 50 isn’t much of an issue. Some of the sources you can get the goods from are:

  • Claiming Athlone and Ardmel Trade Posts so they generate them for you.
  • Making global trades with Azar.
  • Completing Royal Requests from Pigeon coops that pay you in delicacies.
  • Finding them in chests throughout the world

The easiest and most sure fire method from the list above is capturing both Athlone and Ardmel Trade Posts then waiting for them to generate 50x Delicasies in the Dublin chest. Once you have this amount acquired from any of the sources above go to the Skald’s Rest Altar.

Deliver Delicacies to Skald’s Rest Altar

Once you have the necessary offering of 50x Delicasies make your way to the Skald’s Rest Alter in the village of Dublin that is marked on your map with the two hands holding a bowl icon. At this location approach the altar and hit the “make the offering 50 x Delicacies” button when prompted. Eivor will make the offering and a short cutscene will play. After the cutscene you will complete this Dublin mystery. For your efforts you receive a single skill point.

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