GTA Online UFO Event Daily Sightings Guide

GTA Online UFO Event guide.

It’s the Halloween season in GTA Online and that means a number of wild activities are taking place across San Andreas. These activities are all spooky in-nature and include the return of UFO sightings. The GTA Online UFO event daily sightings guide below will walk you through how to complete this special activity while it is available this Halloween.

Note: This event returned on October 12th, 2023. Nothing has changed except for the addition of a new possible abduction interaction and reward.

How to Complete the GTAO UFO Event Explained

Before I reveal today’s sighting location, let’s go over the Halloween UFO event. This event runs from October 13th to 31st and features one or more UFOs appearing at specific locations in San Andreas every real-world day. These UFO sightings take place between 10 PM and 4 AM in the in-game time, which you can check on your iFruit device. Keep an eye out for a flash of light to signal the UFO’s arrival, and you’ll see the same flash when it departs.

The player taking a photo of the UFO in GTA Online during the Halloween UFO event.
You will see the Send to Omega option after taking a picture of the UFO.

Once the UFO makes its appearance, head to the designated daily location (or locations) and capture it on camera using the Snapmatic feature on your iFruit phone. After you take a snapshot of the UFO, you’ll receive a prompt to send the picture to Omega in return for Cash and RP rewards, as depicted in the accompanying screenshot. Don’t forget to photograph each daily UFO throughout the event to secure the coveted Believe Hat as a special bonus.

UFO Locations Map in GTA Online

To find the daily UFO, I recommend utilizing GTAWeb.Eu or GTALens maps. These maps receive updates daily upon server resets, ensuring you have the latest details on the new UFO spawn sites. Also, be sure to watch my video capturing all the available UFOs on day 14. It will provide you with a clear understanding of how the collection and abduction process works.

UFO Abduction in GTAO

Player getting abducted by a UFO in GTAO.
To experience an abduction, position yourself beneath a UFO during active Halloween Weather.

To initiate the UFO abduction, you should wait until Halloween arrives. On this special day, GTAO features Halloween Weather, which creates a spookier atmosphere with altered weather patterns. While this eerie weather is in effect, locate a UFO and step into its beam of light. You’ll be whisked away into the ship, and upon awakening in a new location, you’ll find yourself wearing the UFO Boxer Shorts.

In the 2023 version of this event, Rockstar introduced a possible unique interaction when being abducted by the Aliens. This occurrence causes players to see a vision of the interior of the alien ship, and it has a 25% chance of happening, as reported by Tez2. Triggering this event rewards you with the mysterious “???” tee.

What are the UFO Event Rewards in GTA Online

The possible rewards from the UFO event on the player in GTA O.
Clothing rewards.

There are rewards tied to both snapping photos of the UFOs and for getting abducted. The rewards range from simple cash and RP to clothing items you can earn. The full list of rewards are:

How to UnlockRewards
Take photos of UFOs.Cash + RP.
Took photos of all UFOs while the event was active.Believe Hat (Green, White, and Grey).
Get Abducted. UFO Boxers (Green and White).
Get Abducted and see the alien ship interior (Added 2023)??? Tee

In addition to the fresh UFO sightings, there’s another Halloween-themed collectible to discover. There are a total of 200 Pumpkins hidden throughout San Andreas for players to collect. To find out more about these collectibles, be sure to check out our Pumpkin collectibles guide.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our GTA Online UFO event daily sightings guide. Please feel free to share your comments and feedback below.



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