GTA Online UFO Event Daily Sightings Guide

It’s the Halloween season in GTA Online and that means a number of wild activities are taking place across San Andreas. These activities are all spooky in-nature and include the return of UFO sightings. The GTA Online UFO event daily sightings guide below will walk you through how to complete this special activity while it is available this Halloween.

UFO Event Explained [How to Complete]

Image showing the GTA Online UFO sighting event.
A UFO appearing in GTA Online.

Before I show you the daily sighting location, I want to quickly explain the Halloween UFO event to you. While the event is active from October 13-31 there is a UFO (or UFOS) that appear in San Andreas at a set locations each real-world day. The UFO appearance occurs daily between 10PM and 4AM in-game time (you can check the current time on your iFruit). When the UFO appears you will see a flash of light signifying it has arrived. Additionally, when it leaves you will also see the light flash again, telling you it has left.

Image showing how to send the picture of the UFO to Omega.
You will see the Send to Omega option after taking a picture of the UFO.

When the UFO has appeared go to the daily location (or locations) and take a photo of the it using the iFruit phone Snapmatic camera. After you’ve taken a photo of the UFO you will see the option to send the picture to Omega to receive both Cash and RP for your efforts (shown in the screenshot above). Photograph the every daily UFO each day during the entire event to receive the Believe Hat as a special reward.

UFO Locations October 30

Image showing the GTA Online sighting locations today.
There are 14 UFOs today.

Today you will find a total of 14 UFOs spawned in on the map. These UFOs are in a mixture of new locations and previous day locations. The map above shows the locations that you will encounter the UFOs at. If you already snagged the five on the outskirts of Los Santos from yesterday you don’t need to bother with them right now. The fourteen spawn locations are:

  1. Near LSIA.
  2. Del Perro Pier.
  3. Little Seoul.
  4. Pillbox Hill.
  5. Maze Bank.
  6. Pillbox Hill.
  7. Pillbox Hill.
  8. Downtown Vinewood.
  9. West Vinewood.
  10. N.O.O.S.E building.
  11. Land Act Reservoir.
  12. Vinewood Hills sign.
  13. Galileo Observatory.
  14. Kortz building.

Today is a different type of day given how many of the UFOs there are around for players to find. The total amount today is 14, but 5 of them are held over from the previous day. With that said many of the UFOs in the downtown area can be photographed from one location, so just find a high vantage point and snap away. This video shows me collecting all of the available UFOs today.

UFO Abduction

Image showing getting abducted in GTA Online.
Stand under a UFO to get abducted while Halloween Weather is active.

Because Halloween Weather is active in GTA Online right now, players can be abducted by the UFOs. This can be done by walking into the beam of any UFO you encounter. There is a brief sequence that plays then you will be taken to a new location with your clothing removed. You receive the UFO boxers by doing this.

UFO Event Rewards

Image showing the GTA Online UFO Rewards.
Clothing rewards.

There are rewards tied to both snapping photos of the UFOs and for getting abducted. The rewards range from simple cash and RP to clothing items you can earn. The full list of rewards are:

How to UnlockRewards
Take photos of UFOs.Cash + RP.
Took photos of all UFOs while the event was active.Believe Hat (Green, White, and Grey).
Get Abducted. UFO Boxers (Green and White).

Alongside the new UFO sightings there is another Halloween themed collectible available. There are 200 Pumpkins for players to collect scattered around San Andreas. Use our Pumpkin collectibles guide to learn more about those collectibles.

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