GTA Online Pumpkins Guide

GTA Online Pumpkins Guide

It’s Halloween season in GTA Online and that means it is time to take part in a variety of activities. Alongside the UFOs that are now appearing, there is a new set of collectible Jack O’ Lanterns for players to find throughout San Andreas. To learn more about these collectibles, see our GTA Online Pumpkins guide below.

Jack O’ Lantern Collectibles Details

Image showing a GTA Online Jack O' Lantern collectible.
A Jack O’ Lantern collectible in GTA Online.

Important: To easily locate all 200 Pumpkin collectibles I recommend using the map. This map is super useful as it shows you all of the collectible locations and allows you to mark off the collectibles you’ve found so far.

There are 200 Pumpkin collectibles for players to find in GTA Online thanks to the recent Halloween themed update. The Pumpkins are available from October 13-November 3. While the collectibles are active players will find Jack O’ Lanterns outside of a variety of different places from homes to businesses. When the player is near a Pumpkin collectible their control vibrates, signaling the collectible is nearby.

To collect a Pumpkin collectible approach it. When you approach it you will be prompted to pick it up. Push the pick up button to pick up and ‘collect’ the collectible. Each time you pick up a Pumpkin collectible you trigger the Trick or Treat mechanic. The Trick or Treat mechanic causes one of the following Treats or Tricks to occur:

  • GTA$2,500-5,000 received.
  • 1,000 RP received.
  • Health and Armor.
  • Snack.
  • Peyote effect.


  • Shock.
  • Stoned.
  • Explosion.
  • Energy.

Ideally you will hopefully roll more treats than tricks during your collecting. Some of the tricks are fairly annoying. Things like Peyote and Explosions will cause you to leave the location you are at. An important piece of advice is to not pull your vehicle to close to a Pumpkin collectible since the explosion trick will destroy it.

To make the collecting easier I recommend using something like the MKII. This vehicle allows you to easily maneuver through the narrow streets and areas to get to each collecting. Using this vehicle took me 3 hours to collect them all.

Jack O’ Lantern Collectibles Rewards

Like other collectibles in the game there are rewards tied to collecting the Pumpkins. These rewards are split across different amounts collected. The rewards you can unlock by collecting the Pumpkin collectibles are:

  • 10x Pumpkins in a day: Horror Pumpkin Mask and $GTA50,000.
  • 200x Pumpkins in one IRL day: Pumpkin Tee and $GTA50,000.

The Horror Pumpkin Mask features an interesting additional usage. The mask can talk. To do this go to the Interaction menu and select Style then scroll down to Action. Select the Mask Audio option to allow you to play the mask audio when you use the Quickplay Action button.

Overall collecting all of the Pumpkin collectibles in GTA Online is a bit of a time commitment. Whether the rewards are worth it to you is largely up to you. For me I don’t personally think it is. 200 Collectibles is a ton of collectibles to find and collect.

Thoughts on our GTA Online Pumpkins guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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  1. Pippa says:

    Your map was really good and easy to follow unfortunately after doing this with my mate 5 times it still didn’t unlock the t-shirt for us which was very disappointing especially after wasting 15 hours.

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